Name Dr. Obyedkov
Occupation Tour manager
Actor Kurtwood Smith
First Appearance Half-Wit
Last Appearance Half-Wit

Dr. Obyedkov is the father, tour manager and medical proxy for his adult, mentally disabled son, the savant pianist Patrick Obyedkov, in the episode Half-Wit. He was portrayed by actor Kurtwood Smith. Dr. Obyedkov tours with his son to arrange his concerts and living arrangements which are in support of charitable purposes.

Dr. Obyedkov is the first to notice something is wrong with Patrick when he misses a note on the piano for the first time since he started playing piano after a severe traumatic accident when Patrick was ten. He takes Patrick to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital to have him checked out and his condition intrigues House.

House soon figures out that Patrick was suffering from a treatable condition, Takayasu's arteritis. However, during his investigation, he finds out the entire right hemisphere of Patrick's brain is brain dead. He theorizes the dead right hemisphere is holding back the nearly normal left hemisphere.

House presents Dr. Obyedkov with a dilemma. Patrick will suffer no ill effects from his dead brain hemisphere, but if they risk removing it, he may gain enough function to lead a fairly normal life. However, Patrick will lose his ability to play the piano. Dr. Obyedkov approaches Patrick to ask if he's happy, but Patrick doesn't understand the question. Dr. Obyedkov decides to consent to the surgery.

The surgery goes well and while Patrick is recovering, he starts to button up his own shirt - something he has never been able to manage before. Dr. Obyedkov is astounded and even Dr. House notes that Patrick looks happy.

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