Olive Kaplan
Name Olive Kaplan
Age 6 months
Date of Birth 2004
First Appearance Babies & Bathwater

Olive Kaplan was an infant clinic patient in the episode Babies & Bathwater. She was the child of Joel Kaplan and Rachel Kaplan.

Olive was brought to the clinic because she was weak and lethargic. She was seen by Gregory House who examined her and diagnosed her with pneumonia. He also noted on Olive's chart that during her previous examination, she was well within the average range of weight for babies her age, but now she was in the bottom 5%. He asked about Olive's diet and was told she was on a vegan diet on the advice of their nutritionist. Dr. House told the parents that babies shouldn't be raised solely on a vegetable based diet due to their increase needs for fat and protein. He admitted Olive and started her on antibiotics. He told the parents that Olive's low weight probably weakened her immune system and contributed to the pneumonia. The parents agreed to start Olive on a broader diet.

However, although Olive improved quickly on the antibiotics, Lisa Cuddy noted the child's low weight and informed child services. They obtained a protection order and took custody of Olive. Joel and Rachel were arrested and charged with child neglect. Dr. House protested saying the parents weren't neglectful, just "idiots", but Dr. Cuddy reminded him that he should have phoned protective services himself and his failure to do so would only bring him under scrutiny by Edward Vogler, who was looking to have his tenure revoked.

However, after Joel and Rachel made bail, they went to Dr. House and swore to him that Olive was always fed when she was hungry and was eating a lot. They also told him that the nutritionist was Olive's great uncle, who had a university degree in the field. Dr. House agreed to run more tests including a CT Scan.

The tests showed that Olive had a severe problem with her thymus gland and her seeming malnutrition was an endocrinology problem that the parents couldn't be at fault for. He told Dr. Cuddy who agreed to contact child services to have Olive returned to her parents.

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