Ortoli Syndrome

Placebo syndrome




Heart attacks

Mortality Rate

0% (false disease)


"Nabasynth" was spelled in on-screen subtitles ("Closed Caption"). With House's pretend pronouncement of Ortoli Syndrome and Nabasyth, Chase's reactions were, respectively, "Are you sure?" and, "What?" This prompted a repeat (oral and sub-title) of "Nabasynth." Nabasyth is presumed to be a placebo 'drug.'

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Brave Heart


"Ortoli Syndrome" is the name of a fictional genetic disease that causes erratic activity of the adrenal glands, which can lead to abrupt heart attacks. There is no such disease in existence and House mentioned it solely to have a fake diagnosis in order to be able to send a patient home.

The "Tiburon swab technique"[1] that is used to detect it is equally fictitious. El Tiburón is the Spanish word for "shark".

He prescribed "Nabasynth"[2], another fictional creation by House to send the patient home. The "drug" was actually breath mints from a container House filched from Cameron. House apparently later has the pharmacy dummy-up a pharmacy label for the placebo and repackaged them to trick the patient.


  1. Maybe it uses shark cartilage? Or the procedure was invented by Dr. Hyundai Tiburon in 1996?
  2. The prescription was for two pills a day for a week.
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