Patrick Bauchau
Biographical Information
Born December 6, 1938
Birthplace Brussels, Belgium
Gender Male
Years Active 1963-Present
Role Rowan Chase
Season Season 1
Episode Cursed

Patrick Nicolas Jean Sixte Ghislain Bauchau is the actor who portrayed Robert Chase's father Rowan Chase in the Season 1 episode Cursed.

Bauchau has over 100 screen and television credits, starting in 1963. He is probably best known to American audiences from his role as Sydney on The Pretender. Among his best known other credits are:

  • Dr. Hacker in the biographical film on the life of Ray Charles Ray
  • Lodz, a blind mentalist in the HBO series Carnivale
  • Scarpine in the James Bond thriller A View To A Kill
  • Ludwik in the mini-series Kane & Abel
  • Max Barsini in the TV-movie Columbo: Murder, A Self-Portrait

Bauchau is still a busy actor, appearing in three films to released in 2008; Glenn, La Possibilite d'une ile, and The Perfect Sleep. He has four more scheduled for 2012


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