Dr. Gilmar: "Two hours of begging?"
House: "I heard four"
Dr. Gilmar: "Well, actually, I'm only half Jewish"
— House and Dr. Gilmar on "Jewish foreplay"

Dr. Petra Gilmar was one of the persons interviewed to replace Allison Cameron in the Season 1 episode Kids. She was portrayed by actress Erin Foster.

Dr. Gilmar was an attractive young woman. When House started interviewing her, he immediately started making jokes about her Jewish background and attractiveness, but found to his suprise that she was able to roll with the flow and counter his repartee. She told him he had no problem with anything he said as long as he kept his hands to himself.

However, after she left, House rejected her because she was wearing high heeled shoes, showing she cared more about how people perceived her than her own pain. Wilson thought he was just making excuses, but let it slide to move on to the next candidate.

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