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Dr. Philip Weber, referred to by Dr. House as "Dr. von Lieberman" because it is "way eviler", or "Dick", is a doctor specializing in the pharmaceutical treatment of migraine headaches. Weber and House have a long standing rivalry and enmity dating back to the time where they were both students at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Weber thought House was always too ready to take shortcuts and this was confirmed when Weber caught House copying one of his exam answers. Weber turned House in and had him expelled. The incident also cost House a prestigious internship at the Mayo Clinic, which Weber took for himself.

However, House never forgot the incident, particularly because the exam question he copied was wrong. House believed that this showed that Weber's skills with statistics were particularly weak. House got his chance when Weber published a seeming breakthrough in the treatment of chronic migraines in an obscure medical journal published in the Hindi language in India. House manipulated the hospital into inviting Weber to give a lecture at Princeton-Plainsboro on his new drug. At that point, House set out to discredit Weber's treatment. He succeeded only by injecting himself with Weber's drug, then injecting himself with nitroglycerine to induce a severe migraine, showing the drug was useless. After destroying Weber's chance to make a fortune from marketing the drug, House claimed they were even. Ironically, Weber thought Lisa Cuddy had set up the lecture and blamed her, despite her lack of knowledge about the event.


  • Given that he blames Cuddy for his humiliation, Weber doesn't know House as well as he thought he did.