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"Popo" is Chi Park's maternal grandmother, who is always referred to by her affectionate nickname. She was portrayed by actress Saachiko.

In Gut Check, Mrs. Park's insistence that Chi spend all of her free time catering to her grandmother's wishes leads to Park walking out. She has to sleep in her car until Robert Chase offers Chi the spare room in his apartment.

When Chase comes home, he sees a woman who he realizes is Popo. Park immediately appears and explains she just had to take care of her while her parents were at the clinic. Chase is surprised Popo seems far quieter than Park has made out - Park is always taking Popo out with her friends or to Atlantic City. Park tells Chase he hasn't seen Popo when she's drunk.

However, Chase and Popo strike up a friendship. Chase usually comes home and finds Popo there and starts playing cribbage with her. They play cards and talk for hours, leaving Park feeling alienated. Chase explains to his co-workers that he finds Popo to be fun.

In the end, Chase admits the reason he has become attached to Popo is because he has no family of his own. He counsels Park to repair her relationship with her family, because his independence has come at the cost of being alienated from all of his family members.