The pregnant woman was the wife of George, the clinic patient who had sympathetic pregnancy in the Season 2 episode Skin Deep. She was portrayed by actress Karis Campbell.

House was trying to reassure George that his symptoms of pregnancy would disappear when his wife gave birth. However, his symptoms kept getting worse and, the next time he went to the clinic, he could only see Lisa Cuddy who was so angry that House hadn't charted George's diagnosis that she gave George House's pager number.

George kept paging House who finally showed up in the maternity ward when the wife was giving birth. George was going through the same emotional and physical symptoms, with the addition of his wife shouting at him to help out with the birth. When House showed up, after getting over the anger of having been paged, he shouted at the wife to shut up and that she probably always wanted a more sensitive husband and now she was angry that she had one. However, at that moment he figured out what was wrong with his other patient, shut up, and left the room.

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