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Pruitt Taylor Vince is an American actor who played the morbidly obsese character George in Que Será Será.

Vince's acting career started by accident. He was enrolled in a drama class in high school due to a registration error. He later attended Louisiana State University.

The imposing actor has largely worked in character roles since his debut in Angel Heart in 1987. Although he started out often playing a stereotypically unintelligent southerner, his roles have been substantially deeper since. He received great critical acclaim for his 1995 appearance in the movie Heavy, playing a lonely overweight cook whose life is brightened when a waitress (Liv Tyler) arrives to work at his restaurant. He has had recurring roles in the television series Murder One, Deadwood and Touching Evil before appearing on House, M.D. For his role as serial killer Clifford Banks on Murder One, he won the 1997 Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. This accomplishment was heightened by the competition that year - Ewan McGregor, Alan Arkin, Lou Gossett Jr. and William H. Macy. Since his appearance, he had a recurring role on Infamous and currently has a recurring role as internal affairs officer J.J. LaRoche on The Mentalist with Robin Tunney.

His nystagmus, a congenital condition that causes involuntary eye movement, was worked into his characterization of George.

Look for him in the 2011 film Flypaper.


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