Queen Shannon
Name Queen Shannon
Marital Status Engaged to King Miles
Occupation Renaissance fair performer
Actor Sarah Jones
First Appearance Knight Fall

Queen Shannon was one of the leading performers in the Renaissance fair in the Season 6 episode Knight Fall. She was engaged to fellow performer King Miles. She was portrayed by actress Sarah Jones who later went on to appear in the television series Alcatraz.

Shannon is first seen when she picks Sir William as her champion to fight the Captain of the King's guard Sir Horace the Black. Shannon gives William a tip that results in William winning the bout. As she goes to congratulate William after the bout, she sees that the sclera of his eyes are bloody. When William collapses, Miles calls an ambulance.

Both Miles and Shannon are concerned about William and visit him frequently in the hospital. Thirteen soon figures out that William is in love with Shannon and that the feeling is most likely mutual. Thirteen counsels William to let Shannon know how he feels. However, William refuses, both because it would go against his Knight's code of honor, and because Miles is one of his best friends and a great guy with a good income. He feels Shannon will be happier with him in the long term.

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