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Rachel Taub is Chris Taub's ex-wife. She is portrayed by actress Jennifer Crystal Foley. She is first mentioned, but not seen in Ugly when House goes to see her to attempt to find out why Taub gave up his plastic surgery practice. She is first seen at the end of Wilson's Heart when Taub climbs into bed with her for consolation after Amber Volakis's death. Her first speaking role is in Adverse Events.

Rachel is a pretty woman in her 30s who married Taub entirely for love and had remained devoted to him ever since. However, when Taub's affair with a nurse at his plastic surgery practice became public, he obtained secrecy from his partners in return for agreeing not to compete with them. He told Rachel that he had lost a patient and that's why he was giving up his practice. He gave Rachel a large diamond ring to make up for it.

He kept Rachel in the dark well after he obtained a new job until he found out that she had a secret bank account, thanks to the efforts of House's private eye Lucas Douglas. He questioned her about it and found out that she had been saving to buy him a sports car. The guilt of suspecting his wife eventually drove him to admit why he had to give up his surgery practice. Although it did not end their relationship, it is clearly under strain as a result.

In the Season 6 episode Open and Shut Taub asks her to consider an open marriage and she initially agrees, only to backtrack when she is unable to stop imagining him with someone else. Taub rededicates himself to the marriage, but continues to have affairs. In the Season 7 episode Small Sacrifices she attends the wedding of the chairman of the board with Taub. They argue about a close friendship she has developed with a man she met in an online support group for people with unfaithful spouses. Taub accuses her of having an emotional affair and trying to punish him. He asks her to end the relationship. She refuses, saying she needs the friendship.

She also appears next to Taub at the end of Both Sides Now at Cameron and Chase's wedding.

Rachel Taub was the only current spouse of any of the major characters to be portrayed onscreen until Both Sides Now when Cameron married Chase.


In the season 7 finale, she announces to Taub that she is expecting. Unbeknownst to her, he is also expecting, with another woman.