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Dr. Remy Beauregard Hadley was a major character on House from the fourth season onwards. She is best and commonly known as "Thirteen" due to her number card during eliminations for the fellowship when she was a job applicant at the beginning of Season Four.

Though Dr. Hadley maintains a general refusal to discuss personal matters in most situations, it was confirmed that she was bisexual. Thirteen suffered from a genetic condition called Huntington's Chorea, a recurring plot during her tenure on the show. Her mother and brother both died from the illness (with Thirteen respecting her brother's wishes by euthanizing him), and Thirteen generally showed she was scared about losing control of her body, but she didn't allow it to hold her back.

She was portrayed by actress Olivia Wilde.


Reason for Becoming a Doctor: Currently unknown, although Dr. Hadley originally felt that not knowing whether she had Huntington's empowered her to take challenges and risks like competing for a position under House. House blurts out her reason is to make her life matter before it's over. Thirteen later confirms this.

Medical Specialty: Internal Medicine

Personality type: Mysterious, self-contained. Thirteen often sees past a lot of the stereotypes that the other doctors have of people. For example, she treats drug addicts the same way as a patient without drug addiction. This is perhaps because of her experimental drug use in the past.

Signature look: Wavy brown hair (sometimes straight, mostly tied up), casual dress, lab coat, usually high black leather boots, turtlenecks, leather jackets, long pants, and suspenders. Has an attractive appearance.

Vice(s): Difficulties in coping with death, reckless disregard for personal safety.

Virtue(s): Compassionate. Treats everyone equally rather than judging them.

Endearing trait(s): Secrecy about personal life, compassion towards patients, doesn't hide when she's angry at someone (ex: a patient).

Annoying trait(s): Hesitance.

"I might die. So could you. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow, the only difference is you don't have to know about it today, so why should I? "
―Remy "Thirteen" Hadley

Family background

Remy Hadley was the child of John Hadley and Anne Hadley and was born in New York City sometime in the early 1980s. She has an older brother (never named and now deceased) who is perhaps seven to ten years older than her, and a younger sister, Amy Hadley, about two years younger. While Remy was still quite young, Anne started exhibiting Huntington's Disease's symptoms, particularly the inability to control her movements or emotional state. As a result, she often lashed out at young Remy and her friends, usually embarrassing her and finally resulting in their alienating each other. When Anne was finally institutionalized when Remy was about ten, Remy refused to accompany her on the trip to the care facility despite her father's urging. A short time later, her mother died. In season 5, she regretted not having said goodbye.

Huntington's disease is a genetic illness, and any child of a person with Huntington's has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease from an affected parent. In The Dig, it was revealed that Remy's brother also had Huntington's Disease and that Remy's time in prison was due to euthanizing him in the late stages of his illness. House offered to euthanize her when the time came and when it was right.

Remy's age is somewhat of a mystery. In House's Head, House mentioned the movie Altered StateS, released in 1980, and Remy remarked that she hadn't been born then. When House said that this made her too young to be a doctor, she accused him of forgetting what year it was (2008 at the time). In reality, Olivia Wilde was 24 when she started on the show.

As Remy entered puberty, she realized she was attracted to both sexes. From her reaction to a patient who also admitted attraction to the same sex in the episode The Softer Side, it appears that she had to handle a great deal of confusion over this during her high school years. However, by adulthood, she was perfectly comfortable with her sexuality, although she preferred to keep her preferences to herself when dealing with colleagues. In the episode Changes, House tells Thirteen that her then high school boyfriend is waiting outside his office. House said that Ricky dumped her, but Thirteen replied by saying Ricky dumped her after discovering she slept with his sister. House tells her to let him down gently. This episode reveals a small detail on what Thirteen was like in high school.

During her teens, she appears to have attended Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts, where she describes herself as "The Queen of Truth or Dare." She also spent at least her junior year at a high school in West Virginia, where she entered a science fair (finishing fourth in the state.) Remy obtained admission to Sarah Lawrence College, a small co-educational college in Yonkers, New York, just outside New York City, where she was a student in residence taking a pre-med program. Sarah Lawrence is known to have the most expensive tuition of any university in the United States. This indicates either that Remy's family was well off enough to handle the tuition or that she was smart enough to earn a partial scholarship. Both elements were likely true as she was smart and dedicated enough to get into medical school.

Despite her academic schedule, she did find the time to further explore her sexual desires, including an interlude with her roommate, a cheerleader from Iowa (as mentioned in Epic Fail). It has not been revealed where Remy went to medical school, although it is revealed in the episode Unfaithful that she at some point did an ER rotation in Miami. By the time she reaches the application process, she has completed a residency program and has been designated a specialist in internal medicine. However, it must have been clear to Remy from her medical education that she had a 50/50 chance of developing Huntington's disease just as her mother did. Despite the existence of a test for the genetic marker that ensures a patient will develop Huntington's, Remy rationalized that not knowing, either way, was a better option as it allowed her to plan for the long term by going to medical school and applying for desirable jobs in her field.

Before her first appearance

Remy sent her resumé to Gregory House and was thrilled to hear she had been selected for an interview, although when she arrived at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, she was surprised to see 39 other applicants vying for the same position. Her nickname comes from the number she was assigned - 13. However, it doesn't seem to have fazed her.

In The Right Stuff, she soon chimed in with the first reasonable suggestion, immediately getting the attention of Dr. House - she surmised the patient's synesthesia may have been caused by thrombosis and asked if the patient spent "A lot of time above 20,000 feet." The patient was an air force pilot, and House ran with her suggestion, although it turned out to be wrong. Well, as you said, you wouldn't interrupt Buddy if it wasn't important. She also unwittingly exposed Henry Dobson as a fraud when she agreed to perform an echocardiogram assigned to him. As a result of her performance, she was made part of the final 10.

She seemed to be well on the inside track in 97 Seconds as part of the "women's team." House had already diagnosed the patient with Strongyloides and broke up the remaining applicants into two teams of five to see if they could reach the same conclusion. Thirteen came up with the same conclusion and gave the patient ivermectin to treat it. However, the patient didn't respond to it, leading House to believe it might be something else. As a result, the patient died, as did his assistant animal, an English Shepherd. House thought that was too great a coincidence and searched the room, finding the empty pill cup with dog teeth marks on it. The patient had Strongyloides but didn't take medicine - the dog swallowed it instead, and due to the breed of the dog, it was fatal to it. House: When I asked you if you had seen the patient take the pills, the correct answer was "No." Surprisingly, House decided to keep Thirteen on after that, although he had dismissed the rest of the women's team. He explained that it was unlikely that she would make a similar mistake again.

Although by the next episode, Guardian Angels, the rest of the applicants' real names started to be known, Thirteen was still portrayed as secretive, so much that she refused to reveal her name to her fellow applicants, directing them to keep calling her "Thirteen" instead. She survived that episode when House decided to fire Henry because their thought processes were too similar.

She also survived Mirror Mirror when House deliberately refused to fire anyone so that Robert Chase would win all the bets in his "Which applicant gets fired next" pool so he could split the proceeds.

She survived Whatever It Takes when Travis Brennan poisoned the patient to fake a case of polio. However, Thirteen was really in trouble by the episode Ugly. House was concerned that he was overestimating her abilities because she was good looking, the same issue he had with Samira Terzi, who turned out to be completely useless despite her previous experience in diagnostics. House: Oh, my god! Is she really that good looking? James Wilson: Apparently. Thirteen comes to believe the patient has Lyme disease, the same diagnosis she comes up with before and immediately dismissed. However, Thirteen was right, and it saved her. She was the only applicant who believed that the patient was still ill and would not survive his facial reconstruction surgery. Not only that, she came up with evidence of Lyme disease, the target-shaped rash, by looking at old pictures of the patient's face that did not show discoloration around the hairline. His hair hid the rash.

Thirteen survived You Don't Want to Know when Jeffrey Cole tried to save his job by dealing with the Devil, and House fired him as a result. By Games, Cuddy forced House to choose only two of the remaining four applicants. When House had to choose between the two members he wanted on his team, he chose Lawrence Kutner and Chris Taub (due to Cuddy making him take Foreman back) and eliminated Amber (because she couldn't handle losing well) and Thirteen but did not give a reason for her elimination. Cuddy then played right into his hands by saying that he can't have an all-male team, and he had to hire Thirteen (because she's the nicer one) as well. This was part of House's plan.

In the season 4 finale, Wilson's Heart, she tested herself for Huntington's Disease, and the result came back positive, meaning that she does have the disease and can expect to deteriorate and eventually die as a result.

Thirteen is the only currently-known doctor on the show that is not heterosexual; her bisexuality has been explored since the episode Don't Ever Change.


Thirteen continued to be slow to reveal any information about herself within the show. However, by Don't Ever Change, Foreman suggests to Thirteen that the reason for her secrecy is that she is bisexual (for example, she was once seen looking interestedly at pornography House was watching). House arrives at the same conclusion at the end of the episode. She has since made various jokes about dating girls while refusing to confirm or deny her sexuality, but her lack of anything to say at the moment seems to confirm Foreman's suspicions.

However, the rest of her co-workers adopted Foreman's suspicions and House clearly calls her out on it at every opportunity.

"You do it both ways, right? You know, the ultrasound - both lying down and standing up"
―House, ostensibly telling Thirteen how to confirm the patient is suffering from a hanging kidney

Thirteen refused to confirm or deny the rumor, but is not above teasing her teammates about it. In Living The Dream, she said, perhaps jokingly, that she thought she had dated one of the actresses on the show.

However, in the episode Lucky Thirteen, her sexual orientation became open to the entire team when she brought her most recent one-night-stand to the hospital after she suffered a seizure in bed. However, this did not change House's teasing attitude, or the attitudes of her colleagues towards her. This was probably because they had suspected it all along.

"Look, whatever you think we did, we did"
Spencer, dealing with House's questions about what sexual activities she and Thirteen had engaged in the previous evening.

House MD- Thirteen one-night stand

However, in the same episode, it is clear that Thirteen's behavior is deteriorating; staying up late at night and engaging in promiscuous sex with other women. This was clearly because she decided to take the test for Huntington's, which turned out positive. When Cuddy catches Thirteen giving herself intravenous fluids after a particularly late night, House manages to convince Cuddy she can't give Thirteen a drug test but then fires her. However, once he sees her bond with Spencer personally, he reinstates her. He only fired her to see if she could form relationships that might stabilize her behavior. (As a parallel, Darryl Nolan decided to help House reinstate his medical license when he saw him form a bond with Lydia). However, the Huntington's diagnosis continued to make Thirteen take unnecessary risks.

In the episode Last Resort, she agrees to be a guinea pig for a hostage-taking patient and injects herself with every drug given to the patient to allay his fears that they are giving him a sedative. It is only at the end, when she is near-complete kidney failure from the drug overdoses, that she realizes she wants to live and refuses to take the last drug, which most likely would have killed her. She straightens out after that incident. After House goes to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital, Cuddy keeps Thirteen and the rest of the staff. However, when House announces he's not coming back, she starts working for her boyfriend, Eric Foreman. They solve the case (with a little help from House). However, Foreman realizes that he can't work with Thirteen while remaining his girlfriend because she won't stand up to him. He fires her, and she eventually heads off for an indefinitely long trip to Thailand. However, she eventually returns, and although she's offered a job in a community clinic, she agrees to come back to work for House in Teamwork.

It is also touched upon in the episode Post Mortem, her team acknowledging her open sexuality. Taub mentioning to Chase about Thirteen having "Sapphic sex." "Sapphic" refers to lesbian/ism, from the Greek lyric poet Sappho who lived on the island of Lesbos.

Thirteen's compassion and care for others are among her best traits, but she has major problems dealing with death and terminal patients, perhaps out of fear of her mortality from her Huntington's disease. She is also afraid of getting attached to people because she doesn't want to 'pull someone down' with her, so she was hesitant to begin her relationship with Foreman.


Thirteen is level headed, bright, enthusiastic, and generally not afraid to speak up when she thinks she is right. She has good relationships with patients, and it is shown she isn't as judgmental as her colleagues when it comes to drug-using patients. This could be attributed to her history of drug use. She has deliberately kept the details of her life guarded, preferring to go by her assigned number, 13, even after being hired. Foreman believes that this is because she is bisexual and wants to keep her private life hidden.

She arguably possesses greater street smarts than any of the other characters. In the episode Joy, she correctly identified a female drug dealer who met up with the patient, while Taub mistook the same woman for a prostitute. Also, she distinguished unadulterated cocaine from that mixed with impurities and was also aware the dealer kept both pure cocaine (for new customers) and impure cocaine (for addicts) and asked for the impure sample for testing.

In the episode The Down Low, when gangsters cornered thirteen and drug dealer Eddie, she easily fell into the role of a prostitute, thereby preventing Eddie's associate from realizing he had brought a doctor to where their drugs were stashed. She also appears well able to defend herself, as when a patient grabbed her in Adverse Events, she not only escaped his grip but did so by breaking his nose.

However, when she was younger, Thirteen appears to have been more vulnerable. In Private Lives, she admitted that at the age of 17, she fell in love for the first time with a man of 30 who was merely manipulating her. Her tough persona might also mask a more sensitive nature, as her encounter with the patient in Mirror Mirror implies she is often in a state of fear and anxiety.

Character development

For this season and the following two, Olivia Wilde, was credited as "also starring" starting with Games.

Remy first appears as an applicant for House's new team in this episode. House created a type of 'Survivor' contest after the events in Human Error (3.24), when the previous team (which consisted of Foreman, Cameron, who resigned from their position and Chase, who was fired) was disbanded. She immediately distinguishes herself from the other applicants but is reluctant to make a connection with anyone at PPTH, even going so far as to refuse to tell them her real name. When House introduces the patient who is given the code name "Osama bin Laden", the applicants start questioning her. Thirteen guesses the patient frequently flies and has an embolism. He then orders the applicants to do a whole bunch of tasks. (The Right Stuff)

House sends Cole to find the patient's car, but Thirteen volunteers to go with him. House comments sarcastically that they have a love connection, and leaves. House calls Thirteen and Cole who have found the patient's car, but it is behind a locked fence with two angry dogs. When House asks them what's taking so long, Thirteen says that the car was towed and the yard's locked - they can't get the key. House responds that it's why he sent two of them - one breaks in, the other posts bail. When Thirteen says that getting arrested isn't what she's worried about, House says, "Not a problem. You know how to kill dogs, right?" and hangs up.

Thirteen and Cole find out who the patient is, but there is no useful information apart from the patient's name. House is annoyed that they spent so long finding the car when they barely found anything useful, and asks Thirteen why she went with Cole. He thinks that Thirteen didn't want to have the patient mirror her, and decides to make her do the heart biopsy instead.

House tells Foreman that he and Thirteen will do the biopsy and Foreman leaves. House makes Thirteen do the biopsy. The patient starts acting like House, making sexual comments about how hot Thirteen is, but House tries to pretend that she's his boss. After the patient says, "This is so frustrating," Thirteen says that she doesn't think he's mirroring her, and House realizes that he has to leave, since the patient won't mirror Thirteen while he's there. After House leaves and Thirteen completes the biopsy, the patient starts acting like he is very scared. Thirteen tries to reassure him by saying "It's OK. It's going to be OK," and the patient responds with, "No. No, it's not." House leaves and tries to get Kutner to go in to see what the patient says about Thirteen. He threatens to fire Kutner if he doesn't, but before Kutner can, Thirteen walks out. (Mirror Mirror)

Thirteen finally reveals how her mother died when House confronts her about her mother. Thirteen admits she died from Huntington's disease. Thirteen figures she might have it, but House tells her that she's probably just taking in too much caffeine - he switched out her decaf. Thirteen has not been tested for the Huntington's gene, and House is astounded. While in the episode Thirteen prepares to biopsy House, House awakens and asks if the patient is still alive and Thirteen proceeds with a liver biopsy. House realizes it was Thirteen who drugged him, but she notes he drugged her too. After Thirteen leaves, he grabs a glove to cover the top of a water bottle with Thirteen’s DNA to do a test on it for Huntington's.

At the end, Thirteen confronts House about testing her for Huntington's. They don't look at the test results, with House dropping it in a trash bin. (You Don't Want To Know)

As Amber's condition deteriorates, Thirteen begins to act strangely, which prompts House to confront her about not participating in the differentials. House tells her to get over whatever her problem is so she can do her job. In the same episode, once again House has to confront Thirteen about refusing to do her work. House goes to see Thirteen to see why she is screwing up. He thinks it's because of her refusal to deal with the possibility of having Huntington's disease. He tells her to get over it, but she confronts him about his caution on Amber‘s case. Towards the end of the episode Thirteen is seen injecting herself and taking a sample before waiting for the results of her test. It is revealed that the test is positive for Huntington's. Once she's read it, she simply doesn't say anything, instead choosing to switch off the light. (Wilson's Heart)

During this season, some Thirteen's personal information is revealed. Thirteen starts displaying signs of self-destructive behaviour and also reveals that she has asthma. Thirteen is fired but rehired after making a real emotional connection with a patient. However, Thirteen continues on her downward spiral. Thirteen is also forced to become a guinea pig for whatever drugs a hostile patient receives in one of the episodes.

Thirteen suggests an insulinoma about the patient illness, House discloses that she probably has Huntington's. Thirteen denies to the team that she has Huntington's. House tells Thirteen not to feel so bad about being wrong about lymphoma - at least she had a good theory and stuck to her convictions. She’s upset that the near death experience didn’t make the patient leave her boss. He reminds her that dying changes everything, but almost dying doesn't. (Dying Changes Everything)

A lot of information is revealed about Thirteen, including how she is starting to go out of control after finding out she has Huntington's Disease. Thirteen hooks up with a woman for a one-night stand. Afterwards, the woman suffers a seizure. Thirteen accompanies her to the PPH ER. Cameron asks Thirteen what the patient's name is, but she replies that she doesn't know. Cameron mentions that Thirteen said the patient took drugs about five hours before the seizure. House becomes intrigued at the thought of the two women together at 3 a.m. As the team goes through the case file, Thirteen laments that her private life is on display, but also thinks it is just dehydration from drugs. Foreman asks if Thirteen was also taking drugs, but she refuses to answer. Taub reports that the patient had eye hemorrhaging two years ago. Kutner thinks that blood clots could explain everything, but Thirteen dismisses Spencer as a hypochondriac. House orders a bone marrow biopsy.

As Thirteen prepares to draw bone marrow from Spencer, House watches their awkward interaction with amusement. The patient reacts by stiffening in pain as Thirteen pushes the biopsy needle into her hip. Spencer has been told about House. He chats with Spencer about her sexual experience with Thirteen. Spencer rates Thirteen a seven out of ten.

Thirteen angrily tells Spencer that she found the letters she wrote trying to get House to take on her case. She accuses Spencer of sleeping with her to get to House, and Spencer admits she followed Thirteen to a bar to ask for help, but counters that Thirteen was only using her for sex. Thirteen notes the biopsy results were negative and wants to discharge her. Suddenly, Spencer clutches her chest and the cardiac monitor beeps. Thirteen asks a nurse to get the defibrillator paddles and has to admit the symptoms are real.

In the hospital, the team is shown looking at a spider they found in Thirteen's apartment. Its venom can cause seizures and heart problems. House realizes that an inhaler, also found in her apartment, shows that Thirteen had asthma as a child.

Thirteen is the one ordered to check Spencer's body for spider bites. Thirteen admits she doesn't like relationships. Spencer wants to get to know Thirteen more and as they are about to kiss, Spencer comments that Thirteen didn't need to move her hand and Thirteen realizes that Spencer's hip is numb.

Foreman approaches Thirteen as she observes the surgery. He hands her the results of the Huntington's test he kept House from finding in her apartment. He realizes she will be symptomatic in a relatively short time and believes her behavior is getting destructive. When they talk about Thirteen's behavior, Foreman tells her that taking drugs, drinking and having sex with strangers isn't what life is all about. She replies that she only wants to live her life to the fullest and that it sounds fun to her.

Thirteen lies on an exam table. She looks exhausted and disheveled, giving herself a bag of fluids to combat her hangover. Thirteen hears someone coming, bolts up as best she can, yanks the IV out of her arm, but can't do much more before the door swings open. It's Cuddy.

House enters Cuddy's office to find a tired and rundown Thirteen. Cuddy wants her to take a drug test. Thirteen resists and House denies permission to Cuddy and orders Thirteen to follow him out of Cuddy's office. Once they're outside in the main area, House lets Thirteen know that Spencer's surgery was not routine because she had stopped breathing. Thirteen missed a differential, and House fires her. He only wanted to save her the humiliation of a drug test and to stop her losing her license.

Thirteen studies Spencer's chest x-rays. Foreman apologizes to her about her getting fired, saying they ruled out hypertension. Spencer is now on a treadmill running a methacholine challenge. Foreman thinks Thirteen has been acting like an idiot. Thirteen realizes that lung cysts wouldn't show up on an x-ray. The treadmill test won't close her airway, but will instead make her lungs explode from a broken cyst. Thirteen rushes in to find Spencer on the floor. She stabs a syringe into the patient, and air escapes from Spencer's chest, allowing her lung to expand. Kutner, Taub, Foreman and Thirteen report the cysts to House. Thirteen thinks it is amyloidosis. House tells them to biopsy the cysts. The team encourages House to bring Thirteen back, but House insists to Thirteen that she is still unwelcome.

House then goes to Thirteen with the results, asking her why she doesn't like men. He figures she likes the challenge of seducing pretty women. He tells her to tell the patient she has only ten years to live. Thirteen agrees to do it even though she won't get her job back, just so the patient won't have to deal with House.

Thirteen explains the diagnosis to Spencer. She has a disease called LAM. Surgery can remove the cysts, but the cysts replace healthy lung tissue until the lungs stop working. Spencer drops her head, stunned by this turn, realizing she will eventually die from the disease.

Chase and his surgical team remove the cysts from Spencer's lungs. Later, as she lies in recovery, Thirteen tells her what to expect when coping with a fatal condition. Spencer realizes that Thirteen is talking about herself. Suddenly, Thirteen notices blood spreading across the stitches. She gathers the team. They can't stop the bleeding. Thirteen thinks it is a new symptom: aplastic anemia. House reminds her that she's been fired. The patient may not have LAM, but what she has is probably worse.

House MD Thirteen and Spencer (LuckyThirteen).jpg
Spencer lies in bed, pale and weak. Thirteen crawls into the bed with Spencer, then leans in and kisses her.

House knocks on the glass, motioning for Thirteen to join him. House wants to do a bone marrow transplant and tells Thirteen to get the consent. House doesn't know what it is, but feels a transplant is her only chance.

Thirteen is waiting in House's office and tells him that Spencer agreed to the transplant. House admonishes her. He tells her, "You're gonna keep spiraling, keep screwing around, keep slashing away at every person who tries to help until no one tries to help anymore. Until you hit bottom; until you're dead." However, he also asks her back because her work has improved, but she thinks that he fired her in order to get her connect with the patient. House notices that Thirteen's lips are cracked from the use of her inhaler. He is struck with an idea, and asks if Spencer cried when told she was going to die. Thirteen does not think she did.

House and Thirteen (Luckythirteen).jpg

House cuts an onion on Spencer's tray table, right beneath her face. Thirteen watches from the other side of the bed. Spencer's eyes are dry. She has no tears. House diagnoses her with Sjögren's syndrome, which attacks the glands that produce tears and saliva. It also causes lung cysts and RTA. Her lack of spit makes her mouth a breeding ground for a fungus like Candida, which is causing the bleeding. Thirteen's asthma inhaler wiped out her mouth's immune system as well, so she also has Candida. Spencer will live. House prescribes Methylprednisolone for the Sjögren's.

Thirteen gets her job back, but her self-destructive behavior still continues. Thirteen returns back to her downward spiral, hooking up with new beautiful women and having one-night stands. (Lucky Thirteen)

A man willing to kill – or die – for a diagnosis takes House, Thirteen and several patients from the hospital waiting room hostage in Cuddy’s office. With one person shot and other patients needing medical attention, Thirteen agrees to be used as a guinea pig by the patient to prevent him from being tricked into being sedated by the medications they send in to treat him. With the SWAT team closing in, House is determined to end the standoff the only way he knows how: by coming up with the right diagnosis. However, Thirteen’s willingness to risk her own life makes House wonder if her reckless streak may turn fatal as each additional injection brings her kidneys closer to failure.

When Thirteen agrees to be injected to save the rest of the patients, House tells Thirteen how stupid she is being - the drug is bad for Huntington's patients. Thirteen collapses in pain. House is trying to figure out the patient and asks him why a diagnosis is so important. The patient reacts in pain to the injection as well.

Thirteen notices a problem with the patient’s jugular vein. House checks the patient’s pulse - its up to 160. House starts a carotid artery massage to slow his heart. Thirteen wants to get a drug to slow down his heart, and the patient agrees to give her thirty seconds, but only after pointing the gun at the hostage who gave him the lighter so that Thirteen understands that if she doesn't come back, he will kill the boy. After running outside, Thirteen freezes when she sees police officers. When it seems that Thirteen will not be coming back, the patient acts as if he's about to shoot the boy, but the nurse yells for the patient to shoot her instead. However, at the last second, she decides she does not want to die. Thirteen rushes back in, and no one is shot.

The patient once again asks that someone else be injected with the drug first. However, the drug slows the heart rate, and slowing the heart rate of someone who already has a normal heart rate is dangerous. House objects to this, but Thirteen voluntarily injects herself and passes out with a dangerously low heart rate. House injects the patient and his heartbeat returns to normal. House notices that the patient is only sweating on one side of his face, indicating that it's probably lung cancer. Thirteen's heart rate continues to fall. House orders the nurse and the boy to help her up to raise her heart rate.

They get to radiology. After the CT Scan, House writes something down on a notepad and hands the notepad to one of the hostages. He tells the patient that if he wants the answer, he'll have to give him the gun first. Then he turns about the results of the scan and asks Thirteen what she sees. She replies that it's a starburst caused by the gun he was holding during the scan, obscuring the CT results. The hostage turns the notepad around and it says "starburst" on it. This proves that Thirteen wasn't just making up what she was saying as a way to get the gun from the patient. The patient finally gives up the gun and two more hostages leave. House, Thirteen, and the boy who gave up the lighter stay with the patient.

The patient seems resigned to the fact he can’t be diagnosed. House gives the patient back the gun and tells the police that the patient overpowered him. Thirteen starts shouting at House for always having to know the answer and being so afraid to be wrong that he'd even risk the lives of others to figure out the answer. House yells back at Thirteen that he's only arrogant, that's she's the coward for trying to shorten her own life, giving her the illusion of control.

The patient shows a new symptom - partial deafness in his right ear. House thinks it might be Cushing's syndrome. The patient trades the boy for drugs. The patient still wants the drug to be used on Thirteen first. Thirteen is obviously suffering from the drugs she’s taken before, but takes the needle from House and injects herself. The patient finds out that Thirteen has no more than ten years left to live. House injects the patient. However, there is no improvement in his breathing. Thirteen starts having an increased heart rate and fever. House realizes her kidneys are shutting down.

House realizes Thirteen needs more medical care. However, he's wondering why the patient's kidney's are fine when he‘s taken the same drugs as Thirteen. House chastises the patient for leaving that out of his history. House orders the drug to treat it, but the police are tired of negotiating with the patient. The patient then says that he'll trade House for the drugs. House realizes that he's going to give Thirteen the drug once again and tells the patient that he'll inject the drug in himself because more drugs would kill Thirteen. The patient doesn't care, noting that since Thirteen has taken everything that he's taken, any bad reactions she has to it would more accurately reflect what would happen to him. Thirteen tells House that she'll either die from the drug or the patient will shoot her, so she'll die either way.

House leaves the room and we see the patient telling Thirteen to inject herself with the drug. Unlike the previous times where she readily injected herself, this time she is scared and admits that she doesn't want to die. The police set up the concussive charge outside the room. The patient points his gun at her, threatening her. Thirteen puts the needle closer and closer to her arm, but keeps crying that she doesn't want to die. She tells the patient, "Sometimes you just have to trust people." The patient isn't buying it. After more moments of her moving the needle closer to her arm, she exclaims that she doesn't want to die once more. The patient grows frustrated and slams the gun down and takes the drug, injecting himself, since Thirteen is obviously refusing to do so. Right at that moment, the side of the room blows up. The patient and Thirteen are both knocked to the floor. The police rush in.

House comes back into the room and goes to Thirteen. He asks her why she's still alive. Instead of telling House that she was refusing to take the drug, she lies and tells him that he didn't make her take it.

Thirteen wakes up to find Foreman there. He tells her she will need a week of dialysis, but she should recover full kidney function. He apologizes for leaving the differential. Thirteen asks about the Huntington’s drug trial. (Last Resort)

Thirteen learns the nerve degeneration has already started and she probably has 10 more years left to live. (Let Them Eat Cake)

She is the one who finds Kutner's dead body in his apartment. She tries to bring him back to life, but it's impossible since he died a few hours ago she and Foreman entered into his apartment. She is shocked because of Kutner's death. She goes, along with Foreman and House to Kutner's parents' house. She assists his funeral, along with everybody except Taub. (Simple Explanation)

She is present in Chase and Cameron's wedding. (Both Sides Now)

Thirteen is fired by Foreman after Cuddy appoints Foreman the new head of the diagnostics department. Thirteen comes to congratulate him. She realizes he's angry and he admits he shouldn't be. He realizes Thirteen was just afraid to confront him openly. He is afraid it's going to affect their relationship but he doesn't want to break up with her and realizes he has to fire her. (Epic Fail)

Thirteen breaks up with Foreman after he fired her in the previous episode. Thirteen gets on a plane and sets off for Thailand. (Instant Karma)

Thirteen returns from Thailand. House winds up at Thirteen's apartment to tell her to come back but Thirteen shuts the door in his face without House saying anything. House finds Thirteen at her gym and asks her for a new differential. Thirteen keeps up her exercise and House realizes she's doing it to treat her Huntington's disease. Thirteen wants to know why House hasn't just asked her to come back and realizes that he doesn't want to be rejected. House calls to Taub and Thirteen for help. Taub gets a fax and throws it out. Thirteen also gets a fax and lets it slide to the floor, ignored. Thirteen gets the job she was looking for at the community clinic. Suddenly, Thirteen and Taub call simultaneously to tell House that the patient has Crohn's disease. (Teamwork)

She is mysteriously missing during most of the episode, while House tries to save a woman from a falling building. She leaves a letter in House's office, which implies that she needs time off from her job. (Help Me)

Thirteen's portrayer, Olivia Wilde, was promoted to the main cast after being a recurring character for three seasons. However, she only made six appearances in this season. Her name was also added to the opening credits.

Thirteen asked for an immediate leave of absence. Chase admits he steamed open Thirteen’s envelope on House’s desk. Foreman says he just ripped it open to find out. Foreman wants to know where Thirteen is going, but she won’t tell him.

Thirteen in the season premiere.

Thirteen is going to Rome. She still won’t tell him why, but Foreman knows they are doing dangerous experimental treatments for Huntington’s disease. Thirteen rebukes him for invading her privacy. Thirteen comes up with an idea - treat Dr. Richardson to get him back on duty.

Thirteen goes to Dr. Richardson’s home to tell him to suck it up and work, but Dr. Richardson tells them he’s really sick, probably from food poisoning. He’s already taken anti-nausea medication and it hasn’t worked. Chase realizes his stomach lining is damaged and unless they find the cause, nothing is going to work. They want to give him drugs to get him back on his feet, even though they won’t do anything for the underlying cause. Thirteen tells Dr. Richardson that the misery will go away if he takes a risky drug.

Chase and Thirteen are discussing the side effects of the drugs they gave Dr. Richardson. Thirteen wants to know if Chase is going to ask her about the Huntington’s trial. He says he’s not interested, but asks if she wants to have sex with him. When Thirteen gets confused, Chase admits he is sexually interested in her and was being patient, but with her moving away, his deadline has changed. Before she can reply, Dr. Richardson comes in, feeling much better. He agrees to return to the hospital, but he’s obviously showing side effects because he says everything looks shiny.

The team tells the assistant that Dr. Richardson’s new symptoms are the result of high blood sugar, but the assistant doesn’t think he’s capable of doing surgery. The Department of Public Hospitals will be there in 20 minutes. When the assistant leaves, Thirteen admits the likely diagnoses are hepatitis and peptic ulcer disease. Thirteen tells Taub she will be flying out the next day. He tells her that he supports her choice to try the new treatment.

The DPH is overseeing the shut down. Dr. Richardson’s tests are all negative. Thirteen says that the hospital is now crawling with bureaucrats. Chase tells them to focus on their patient, who is once again trying to strip. Taub goes to stop him. Chase wonders why Dr. Richardson isn’t coming down from the high of the medication they gave him. Foreman thinks it might be a symptom and not a side effect. Dr. Richardson lets it slip that he snuck out of the hospital to go to a seafood convention. The team is dismayed - the seafood isn’t local and could be carrying all kinds of diseases. Chase tries to narrow it down with no luck. However, Thirteen remembers toad eggs can make people high and give them nausea. The antidote is fast acting, so they could get him on his feet quickly.

Thirteen tells Richardson that he will feel better in no time if they are right. Foreman apologizes for invading her privacy and tells her she shouldn’t be alone. He offers to fly over to see her, but she says she will be okay.

Dr. Richardson is soon on his feet and assures the DPH man that he is fine. He passes a sobriety and cognitive test easily. The DPH man agrees to lift the restrictions. Chase suggests a sending-off party for Thirteen. He also makes sure Thirteen doesn’t want to have sex with him. She doesn’t. She wonders if this trick ever works, and Chase assures her it has. She hugs him, and he complains of mixed signals.

The team has found a cake for Thirteen that was originally intended for someone’s bar mitzvah. However, Thirteen doesn't come for the party. Foreman has found out that Thirteen wasn't even scheduled for the experimental treatment and all her phones are disconnected. She's been lying to them all day.

Her sudden departure causes Cuddy to force House to hire a new team member, who would eventually be Martha M. Masters. (Now What?)

Thirteen returns after missing for one year. House finds out that as part of her "leave of absence" Thirteen spent the last half of it in jail. House finds out she pled guilty to a charge of excessive prescribing, but realizes that she was charged with another crime and wants to know what she really did, Thirteen puts up her usual wall of privacy and shuts him out. In an attempt to bring her out, he keeps her away from the hospital by enlisting her skills in controlled combustion to help build a championship calibre "spud gun" to beat one of House's younger rivals who has won the contest for several years running.

The start of the episode shows House waiting outside New Jersey's Middlebury Correctional Institution. When the doors open, Thirteen walks out of the prison and is surprised to see House waiting for her. He hands her a martini and she drains it in two mouthfuls. House is driving Thirteen down the road and he asks what she did. She’s surprised he didn’t know after finding her in jail. House confirms he knows she pled guilty to excessive prescribing, but wants to know what she really did. Thirteen avoids the question. Thirteen thanks him for not telling the team about her jail time, but he says he did it so he could figure out why she went to jail without getting anyone’s help. They come up to Thirteen’s exit on the freeway, but she finds out that House plans to take her to the spud gun tournament.

Thirteen wants to know why House is taking her to the tournament. House wants to know what Thirteen is going back for when her license practice medicine is obviously suspended because of her conviction. Thirteen says she doesn’t even have a change of clothes, and House turns into a mall to buy her some. While she’s in the changing room, House starts going over the facts. She’s only been in jail six months even though she left the team a year ago. Second, he points to the fact that Thirteen hides behind a number because she doesn’t like people to know about her. He figures she was running an illegal medical clinic for some sympathetic group of people. House reveals he wants Thirteen to go along because she won a science fair competition in high school on clean combustion and he needs her skills for the competition. He tells Thirteen he’s finished second four years running to the same man - Harold Lam. Thirteen realizes how serious House is about the competition and agrees to help, but demands that she be allowed a personal stop along the way.

While on a personal stop along the way they arrive at a tidy house in the suburbs and Thirteen goes to the door. A man answers and Thirteen knees him in the groin and talks to him as he crouches in pain. Thirteen refuses to discuss the incident and asks to go for food.

While eating, Thirteen says she’s hurt that House didn’t bribe someone or hack into sealed records to find out what she did. House says that wouldn’t be fun. She asks why he didn’t hire Lucas Douglas, but House breaks the news that he replaced Lucas as Cuddy’s boyfriend. Thirteen thinks he’s joking, but she soon realizes he’s serious and badly hurt by the experience. He assures her it’s not a big deal. She tells House she killed a man. Thirteen is now driving House, who is strangely quiet. She realizes House is upset that she killed someone. She asks that House stop asking questions, but House keeps guessing. House wakes up from a nap and finds himself in a park. He sees Thirteen test firing his spud gun. She tells him it needs a fuel valve and a better ignition source. Thirteen and House go shopping for hardware. She asks how they judge the contest and realizes that as every aspect is judged equally, they should ignore accuracy and go for raw power. She wants to find fertilizer.

House and Thirteen (The Dig)..jpg

House and Thirteen arrive at the contest and plan to amp up the power of the gun. However, they see Harold, who has a much bigger contraption of his own, obviously built for power as well. House and Harold march towards each other. They exchange fake pleasantries. House tries to bluff Harold about who Thirteen is, but Harold isn’t buying anything. House tells Harold Thirteen killed a man. The tension is broken when Thirteen misfires House’s gun. Harold jokes that Thirteen probably didn’t kill the person with a spud gun.

While back at the motel room Thirteen said she has a big plans for the gun. They start eating some pie (she plans on using the pie tins in the gun).

House asks Thirteen nicely to tell him what she did. House promises to put in a good word for her with the medical board, and to hire her back as a non-physician assistant. She tells him that she was with a man she met and he overdosed.

As House tries to sleep, he wakes up to find Thirteen by the window sobbing. Thirteen and House plan their strategy, but House finds a clue while Thirteen is talking.

House and Thirteen (The Dig).jpg

House realizes she has a sibling she’s never talked about, but she dodges the inquiry. He presses. He realizes her sobbing meant that the dead person was close to her, and she doesn’t want to discuss the details because they’re personal. He realizes she euthanized her brother, and the man she kneed in the groin was a doctor who wouldn’t help her cover it up. She says that the man she kneed was her cellmate’s boyfriend who cheated on her. However, House realizes that was the only detail he missed. Thirteen congratulates him.

House find Thirteen alone and walks over to her and as they start talking, Thirteen reveals that her brother was in the late stages of Huntington’s disease and couldn’t control his movements. However, when he was lucid, he made it clear it was time for him to die. Thirteen wore gloves so they couldn’t prove she had administered the drugs, but she couldn’t hide where the drugs came from. She realizes that one day, she will be that sick too, only no one will be there to help her. She’s surprised House has very little emotional response and realizes that’s probably why Cuddy broke up with him. House goes back to his spud gun. Harold taunts him by telling him he’s going to hit on Thirteen. House points the gun at him.

However, the next thing we see is House leaving a State Trooper headquarters. Thirteen offers him a soda. She finds out that House got off with a warning for shooting Harold because Harold had the bad idea of feeling up a girl at the fair who turned out to be the Sheriff’s daughter. Thirteen is surprised House always gets his way, but he admits that it doesn’t always go his way. That day would have been his first anniversary together with Cuddy. He calls it an arbitrary time to celebrate.

While House's team is trying to find out what is wrong with the patient over the phone with House, House tells them not to rule out the husband. Thirteen tries to get House’s attention, but he’s ignoring her. Finally, Thirteen pipes up and everyone wonders who it is. Thirteen realizes House has tricked her into speaking up, but as the rest of the team wonder about where she’s been, Thirteen reminds them that there are reasons other than infertility why people can’t have kids. House is impressed.

House returns Thirteen to her house and asks for gas money. He also promises to kill her when the time comes and even offers to use his baseball bat now if it would be convenient. She says she will be in and see him again on Monday and goes inside her house.

Thirteen lost her Medical license because of her jail time for euthanized her brother, but House helps her to regain it. (The Dig)

Thirteen, upon her long-waited return.

Thirteen is seen at House's office and Masters comes in and meets Thirteen. They shake hands and Masters says to Thirteen she must be Dr. Thirteen and Thirteen introduces herself as Remy Hadley. Chase and Taub come in too and give Thirteen a hug. Foreman just wants to know what happened to her. House lies and says she’s been in rehab. House tells them about the patient, who is a teenage girl planning on sailing around the world. She collapsed during a practice run. Her sponsors want her to be medically cleared, but if she doesn’t leave in three days, she won’t be the youngest person to accomplish the feat. Masters confirms this is her last day as a student. She thinks it’s just dehydration, but her pulse and blood pressure were fine when she was rescued. House asks about her internship. Masters thinks the patient might have had a seizure, but Thirteen points out there’s no sign of head trauma. Taub notices that she was leaning on her back, which may have caused adrenal gland insufficiency. House orders the team to track her cortisol. Foreman realizes that House wants Masters to intern with him. However, Masters says she needs to do one more LP before she can even make up her mind. She wants to go to the ER to do it. House tells Thirteen to take Masters to do the blood draws.

Thirteen and Masters meet, while Chase enters into the office.

The patient’s parents are quizzing her on seamanship. When they have to leave the room, Masters agrees to take over. She tells her she hasn’t been on a boat since she was a 13 year old freshman in college. The patient thinks she’s cool. The patient wants to speed up the testing. Thirteen says it’s not possible, but Masters suggests giving her a stress test - it will only take half-an-hour. Masters leaves to do her LP.

Masters arrives in the ER, only to find Cruz doing the LP. Masters realizes she has to find House. She finds House arguing with Thirteen about the cover story, but he counters he got her medical license back. Masters tells him about the chicken, and House denies there’s one there. Masters realizes House was lying about Thirteen’s rehab, but promises not to tell.

Masters asks about the chickens and Thirteen tells her that House and Wilson have a bet to see how long they can go without getting caught. They were going to use pigs, but couldn’t find two of them. Foreman encourages Masters to stick around - she remembers what the rules are and stands up for them. Masters counters that if she doesn’t play House’s way, she won’t let him in. Foreman encourages her to work around House’s rules, but she would still have to lie to him. Thirteen takes Masters to do her last LP. It’s Thirteen that needs the LP. She tells Masters about her Huntington’s disease. She tells Masters she doesn’t want anyone to know why she was gone. She can’t just tell them to respect her privacy, because none of the rest of the team respects privacy. Masters asks if there’s room for someone on the team with a different perspective, and Thirteen tells her no unless House decides he needs someone like that. Masters tells House she handed in her log, and House asks if it was on Thirteen. Masters admits it. (Last Temptation)

After being back in the team as an assistant for House, Thirteen continues to be being part of the team.

Taub, Thirteen and The Patient (Changes)

The team take a case about a man who collapses and says he can’t move his leg. Taub thinks that the canned food points to heavy metal poisoning, but Chase thinks he’s inhaled a toxin. Thirteen points out that the treatment for both is chelation. However, House orders forced diuresis for heavy metals and, if that doesn’t work, dialysis for solvent inhalation. When the team objects, and Foreman gets upset, House reminds them that chelation won’t tell them what the real diagnosis was so they can prevent re-exposure. Foreman gives in. However, Thirteen decides to go with chelation anyway. She figures House won’t check and they can just flip a coin. However, when she arrives at the patient’s room, she has found that Cuddy has withdrawn House’s hospital privileges.

Cuddy’s strategy is to force House to the bargaining table with her mother. Instead, House discharges the patient. Thirteen explains to the patient that it will only be for a few minutes until Cuddy folds. However, the patient sees an attractive woman and tells his limo driver and the doctors to shut up. The woman is Jennifer Williams, his old sweetheart. She admits she heard about his lottery win. They go to hug, but the patient vomits even though he doesn’t feel nauseous. Thirteen realizes the patient is having a focal seizure and can’t be discharged.

Thirteen finally explains herpes encephalitis. House agrees and orders tests to confirm and treatment. The patient and Jennifer are laughing together, but Thirteen tells her that she is going to have to leave the room for the test.

House finally goes ahead with his plan to make the patients cancer grow faster. He also has a surprise for Thirteen - her high school boyfriend is waiting outside his office. Thirteen tells House that Ricky dumped her after she slept with his sister. House tells her to let him down gently. Taub and Thirteen go to the patient to get consent. He asks Jennifer to marry him. She tells him he only thinks he loves her and they need more time. However, Thirteen is suspicious - Jennifer says she only came for one night, but she’s wearing new clothes every day.

The patient is showing no new symptoms, and he challenges Thirteen’s belief that Jennifer is just after his money. The patient says his hope that he would win the lottery and reconnect with Jennifer was all that kept him going. Now, he’s halfway there. He tells her that she can’t stand to see anyone happy.

When the patient gives his cousin and limo driver a cheque for $10 million because Jennifer had reminded him that he was the person who was with him year in and year out all their lives. When Jennifer starts crying, Thirteen realizes she’s wearing contact lenses under her glasses, most likely to change her eye color. The patient realizes that “Jennifer” doesn’t have brown eyes and starts questioning her. He starts to realize she’s not the woman he was in love with. He realizes his cousin has been coaching her to try to get him to forget about the woman he’s looking for. He throws them both out. He admits to Thirteen she was right.

As the patient start recovering after his surgery when the real Jennifer comes to see him. Thirteen and House see her with the patient and they agree that it will end horribly for the patient, but at least he will always have hope and be happy. House suggests to Thirteen that she’s miserable not because of any predisposition, but because of the death of her mother, brother and her own illness. Thirteen tells him he’s probably unhappy because of his failed rehab, failed relationships, and painful leg. (Changes)

The team treat a patient who collapses with a seizure. When the patient says she never gets sick, Thirteen replies saying maybe because she is unlucky, the patient realizes she doesn't like people who makes bombs.

Chase and Thirteen are sent to go to the house of the ex-boyfriend, Tony. However, they get a call. Taub and Foreman are at the patient’s house and have found massive quantities of alcohol.

House gives himself another injection. When Thirteen starts talking and calling him idiot, he sees Thirteen standing in the doorway and asks how she got in there, Thirteen said she broke in as her boss tells her to do it all the time. House start explains his pain is getting worse and he feels increasing his Vicodin would send him back to the mental hospital. Thirteen calls him an idiot again and House replies she came here to just call him an idiot. Thirteen said she was there to tell him that they are implanting an automated defibrillator in the patient, but it won’t help her underlying condition. She also admits that both Cuddy and Wilson each asked her to go over to look for House. However, Thirteen also realizes that what House had wasn’t heroin so that he knew that Thirteen would come over. She figures he’s just screwing with them. However, House has been injecting himself with an experimental drug that re-grows muscle. Thirteen realizes it hasn’t been tested on humans and she calls him an idiot for the third time and leaves.

When the team ask about House, Foreman finds Thirteen is not saying anything which is out of her character, she tells them that House won't help them for now and she said she respects House's privacy no matter how stupid and tells them to respect hers too.

The team starts a new differential including the gum problems. Suddenly, Thirteen thinks of something - her symptoms match radiation poisoning. They take her for treatment but when they tell the boyfriend the diagnosis, he insists she would never work with nuclear materials.

Thirteen and Foreman take the patient to an isolation room.

However, it appears his team is doing fine. Thirteen and Chase tell the patient he probably has radiation exposure as well and will need a bone marrow transplant too. When he continues to object, Chase tells him he’s either suicidal or isn’t telling them something. Chase realizes that the boyfriend knows exactly what’s wrong with her. Thirteen says they know he’s been poisoning her and she’s been getting better ever since she was kept away from him. Taub and Foreman are on their way to do an environmental scan of his house.

When the patient asks for her boyfriend, Thirteen tells her that he is in jail. Thirteen tells her that her boyfriend found out she was seeing another man, which shouldn’t have surprised him because he met her while she was dating someone else. He was poisoning her with cantharidin, which is often sold as an “aphrodisiac” called “Spanish Fly”. It mimics radiation poisoning. (The Fix)

Thirteen's cellmate shows up at her apartment in need of urgent medical attention. She realizes the woman needs to be taken to a hospital, but the woman says the cops will be waiting for her there to send her back to prison on a parole violation. Thirteen realizes that if she stays there, she will be in violation of her parole and if the woman dies, she will be guilty of manslaughter. The woman goes to leave, but Thirteen tells her she will bleed to death if she goes. She finally promises not to take the woman to the hospital.

Thirteen is examining the woman’s abdominal wound to see how much damage there is. It’s not as bad as it looks. There are no signs of internal bleeding, but Thirteen is still worried about it. She checks the woman’s blood pressure.

The woman is telling Thirteen that her boyfriend stabbed her as a distraction during a police raid. However, it didn’t work and they just let her lie on the floor after calling an ambulance. It’s obvious she has started using drugs again. Thirteen is confused - the woman has no blood pressure at all and barely any pulse, but she’s conscious and lucid when she should be dead. Thirteen examines her further and finds a solid pulse in her right arm and her blood pressure there is nearly normal.

Chase is relaxing on his couch when his phone rings. It’s Thirteen who calls. She asks him to bring him a portable ultrasound machine, ostensibly so she can check out her plumbing. Chase realizes something is up. Chase arrives at Thirteen’s apartment with the portable ultrasound. She thanks him and tells him she might not be in tomorrow. However, Chase has noticed that her clothes are dry so she obviously needs the ultrasound for something medical. She lets him in. He sees the woman lying on Thirteen’s couch. Thirteen tells Chase she was in prison.

Thirteen then tells Chase she was in prison for killing her brother. She’s using the ultrasound to look for an aortic arch aneurysm. She tells Chase to help her or leave. Chase goes to touch the woman, but Thirteen warns him to use gloves because she has hepatitis C. Thirteen and the woman were in prison together and the woman helped keep her out of trouble. The woman’s fingers start to turn blue and her left arm goes numb. Thirteen can’t find an aneurysm. Chase thinks it might be a clot. They go looking for it and find a mass, which they think is a lipoma that was aggravated by the stab wound. They grab a syringe to remove some of the mass to improve blood flow. However, when they look at the fluid, they realize it’s not a lipoma.

Thirteen draws five full syringes of bloody liquid and manages to restore blood flow to the arm. Chase notes they have no idea what her problem is and there are too many possibilities. However, Thirteen doesn’t think it is illegal drugs because her kidneys and heart seem to be fine. Chase thinks it might just be the hepatitis, but Thirteen reminds him if that were the issue, her whole body would be swollen, not just her left arm. Chase wants to do an environmental scan of the crack den, but Thirteen tells him he’s an idiot to even consider it and points out her symptoms have to be related to the stab wound. She finally comes up with an idea - the stab wound used up all her clotting factors, and she started bleeding elsewhere. If that’s the case, she could start bleeding elsewhere at any time. Chase wants to take her to the hospital, but Thirteen tells him they could just give her intravenous clotting factor. She goes to call in the order and convinces Chase to pick it up.

Thirteen puts the woman to bed. The woman won’t talk about why she started taking drugs again.

When House calls trying to reach Thirteen for help but Thirteen is not there and the phone vibration wakes up the woman instead. The woman sees someone standing over her bed pointing a gun at her. Thirteen is in the other room cleaning up blood stains. The man with the woman points a gun at her and she pleads with him to put it down. Thirteen hears her crying out and realizes she has been hallucinating.

Chase arrives with the clotting factor, but Thirteen sends him out to get more. She tells him about the hallucinations. He figures the woman is bleeding in her brain. Thirteen just wants to give her more clotting factor, but Chase tells her she needs a CT Scan and surgery to even have a chance of surviving. Thirteen wants to try the surgery there. Chase tells her she’s risking both of their careers and prison. Thirteen says she won’t take the woman to the hospital, but Chase says he will do it himself. She and Chase get into a fight, and Thirteen soon has the upper hand, although Chase soon overpowers her. He tells her he’s taking the woman to the hospital. Chase is rushing the woman to the hospital. He tells her he has a plan to switch her with a dead patient so that her name will not appear on hospital records.

Thirteen is trying to keep the woman awake. Chase has figured out the patient used to be a police officer. Thirteen wonders why she was never told, and the woman tells her you don’t tell people you were with the police if you’re trying to survive in prison. She tells Thirteen that she killed a 19 year old. She started using drugs after the incident. The woman loses consciousness. Chase starts driving faster.

Chase and Thirteen do a CT scan on the woman and talk about what she did. Chase realizes she kept her promise because she did the same thing with her brother. If she breaks a promise, her coping mechanism will break down. She defends her actions with her brother. She also says that the woman has no bleeding in her brain. They realize she is shivering and has a fever. They discuss an infection from the stab wound, but they soon realize that it couldn’t have spread that quickly.

Thirteen and Chase call House for help and they start talk about the woman’s case. He only has one good idea, and Thirteen shoots it down. Thirteen can’t find any word about the shooting on the database. Chase apologizes for being so hard on her, but Thirteen says she understands and he was right. He gets her some ice for her sore neck. She finally finds a reference from 2008 - it appears the patient had a different last name then. House was right that the patient has only had hepatitis C for a few years. However, Thirteen can’t figure out why she would have received interferon for it in prison unless it was chronic. They realize a parasite would make hepatitis C look chronic in a patient with a new infection. If it were an amoebic parasitoma, the stab wound could have damaged it, sending the parasite through her blood stream; the treatment is metronidazole.

The woman comes out of her coma. Thirteen tells her about the parasite, but tells her she’s going to be okay. However, the woman is handcuffed to her bed. She tells Thirteen she shouldn’t have trusted her. Thirteen tells her she’s lashing out, and she knows she saved her life.

Thirteen realizes that although the woman was justified in killing the kid, it still destroyed her life. She’s afraid the same thing will happen to her. Chase says she needs help, but Thirteen has already had therapy and it hasn’t helped. Chase implies she can talk to him about it. Thirteen says he has no idea what she’s going through. His only reaction is him offering to go for a coffee. While holding back her tears, she stares at him in astonishment as if he did go through what she did (Dibala). (It is unknown if he revealed to her about the Dibala incident.)

The team come in the next morning and start going through files. Foreman says he missed a call from House the previous night and wonders if he’s in. The team start to wonder too.

Now there are two people who know that Thirteen has been in prison. Chase finds out that Thirteen has been in prison. The other person who knows is House. (After Hours)

Thirteen and Chase argue about the quality of the patient work, and they go back to the video of the patient performance piece where one of the participants uses paint thinner and goes to light a match. The artist’s assistant intervenes even though he had been told not to. The artist collapses on the floor. They start arguing whether it is an organic disease or mental illness. Taub spots a space heater in the video and argues for carbon monoxide poisoning. House agrees and orders that she be put in a hyperbaric chamber.

The reaction to the hyperbaric chamber seems to rule out carbon monoxide, but Thirteen wants to test the assistant and patient for infections because the assistant seemed to be in a daze. House asks if the assistant brought anything from the patient’s room to the chamber, and Foreman says he just brought a handbag, flowers and a stuffed elephant. House thinks the stuffed elephant is weird. House calls Thirteen’s phone and instructs her to go to the patient’s room. When she arrives, he directs her to the elephant and tells her to talk to it. She inspects it and finds a camera. House realizes that they are now the artists latest work. Thirteen is upset but not surprised. All of the artists work is based on trauma. Foreman thinks the patient has faked her symptoms. However, Thirteen says that goes against the artist’s reputation for honesty. House agrees with Thirteen, but only because faking the current symptoms would be suicidal.

House is watching Prescription Passion when Thirteen comes in to tell him that the pancreatic cyst they drained has returned and the patient doesn’t care. House thinks that the patient knows that her condition can’t be treated.

Thirteen is giving the patient steroids and the patient asks if she made the wrong choice about her assistant. Thirteen tells her it’s not too late. Thirteen finds House checking his stitches. She tells him the patient changed her mind about the radiation.

After this episode, Taub, Chase and Thirteen also left the Hospital, albeit for different reasons. (Moving On)

Thirteen's portrayer, Olivia Wilde, was demoted from the main cast and was made again a recurring character. She only made three but important appearances in this season.

Foreman, who became the new Dean of Medicine after Cuddy had quit her job following House's actions in Moving On (7.23), tells House that no one of his team were working at PPTH. They had all moved on, that's why Foreman hired a new team member, who was Chi Park. (Transplant)

Thirteen appears for the first time in this season. Thirteen shows up at the hospital and tells House she’s not coming back, although she’s flattered by the seventeen messages he left. She wants him to stop calling. She has figured that the reason he hasn’t come to her apartment is because of his ankle monitor. She says she’s not a doctor any more. House starts to figure out why she’s not practicing anymore, and figures she’s fallen in love with someone whom she’s moving away with. She confirms she’s met a woman and they’re going to Greece. She once again asks him to stop calling her, but he refuses. After that, House calls Thirteen for help using the hospital’s computer system. She agrees to help, then admits that she doesn’t want to work for him anymore because they became friends when he was there for her when she got out of prison. However, she admits she still wants House in her life. House complains his computer screen has gone completely blue and she agrees to come in. House gets her to pick up Chinese food on the way.

Thirteen arrives and finds the patient’s wife outside his room. However, she doesn’t want to see him unless she and their sons mean more to him than other people do. She leaves. Thirteen then goes to see Benjamin to ask about the kidney. She claims she needs a transplant too. She goes to leave, but Benjamin says he will give her the other kidney. She reminds him he will die, but he says he can go on dialysis and save even more lives when he dies and donates his other organs. Thirteen reports to House that he's crazy.

Thirteen at House's Funeral

At the end of the episode, she departs from the hospital along with her girlfriend on a trip to Greece, even after considering returning to work with House, but House seeing that Thirteen has a chance to be happy in her life and that he doesn't want to ruin that, he fires her and sets her free, much to Thirteen's dismay, but she's happy about this. (Charity Case)

Thirteen returns in this episode to make Wilson feel better after the tragic news of his cancer and also, to support his decision to not treat his cancer. (Holding On)

Even though Thirteen definitely said goodbye in the previous episode, she is informed off-screen that House died. She is present at House's funeral. She says she'll always thank House, as he promised her to kill her when her disease got worse (a reference to The Dig). (Everybody Dies)



Unlike the other fellows, who are generally an open book to House, Thirteen continuously manages to stump him. House often guesses her personal history, such as "daughter of an alcoholic father," and Thirteen repeatedly states that he is "wrong again." While trying to get more insight into Thirteen by putting her in the same room as the mirror patient in Mirror Mirror, House inadvertently gave more insight into his personality than he intended. Pulled by House's dominant personality, the mirror patient started mirroring House instead and started saying how sad it was how he couldn't approach Thirteen and how beautiful he thought she was. House thought so highly of Thirteen that he took a huge risk to hire her.

Given the opportunity to hire only two applicants, House picked Chris Taub and Lawrence Kutner and rejected her to force Lisa Cuddy to hire her to put a woman on the team. In the eighth episode of the fourth season, You Don't Want to Know; House notices that Thirteen gets angry with herself for dropping a folder. He finds that reaction unusual (most people would laugh or ignore the incident) and decides to switch out Thirteen's decaffeinated coffee with regular coffee.

When Thirteen gets unusually anxious and jittery and starts getting upset as a result, he does some digging and finds a very old picture of Thirteen's mother Anne in Thirteen's purse (on the pretext he was looking for lunch money). He figures that either Thirteen hasn't seen her mother in 20 years or the mother passed away some time ago. He searches obituaries on the internet and finds Anne died of a lengthy illness. He guesses Parkinson's Disease, but Thirteen tells him that her mother died from Huntington's disease.

House is incredulous that Thirteen has not had herself tested for the key gene, but she replies that she does not wish to know if she carries the gene because not knowing allows her to summon the bravery to do things she thinks she can't do. House surreptitiously obtains a genetic sample and tests it, but Thirteen throws away the test results before he can open them.

However, in Wilson's Heart, Thirteen is unable to deal with the prospect of a dying Amber. House tells her to deal with her fear or lose her job, so Thirteen tests herself during the episode. The test comes out positive, indicating she will inevitably contract the disorder. As her behavior changed, House figures out correctly that Thirteen has tested herself, and the test was positive, although she initially denies it. As for Thirteen's impression of House, she quickly became convinced of House's incredible talents, and when everyone else distrusts his judgment, Thirteen usually stands by him. When everyone else wrote off House as wrong in Ugly, she continued to believe in him and eventually proved both of them right.

In House's Head, she ignores the rest of the team and Cuddy by looking for an air embolism House thinks is in the patient's heart. Once again, her faith in House's abilities was not misplaced. However, despite her faith in House, Wilson pointed out that she is one of the only fellows House has ever had who has not "fallen under his spell." Indeed, House has been particularly inept in manipulating Thirteen (although he did succeed in getting her to return to the team in Teamwork).


From the beginning, Eric Foreman appeared to have a better understanding of Thirteen than his boss did. Foreman was the one who correctly figured it out. Thirteen's secrecy was an attempt to keep her bisexuality private.

In Lucky Thirteen, he also found out that she didn't want House doing an environmental scan of her apartment because she was keeping her genetic test results there and was afraid House was looking for them. Foreman went with House and intercepted the results himself. He was also the first to figure out that Thirteen was engaging in self-destructive behavior because of Huntington's positive genetic test.

In Last Resort, we also see him offering Thirteen to participate in clinical trials for Huntington's. At the end of the episode, he is waiting by Thirteen's bedside when she is recovering from kidney damage.

In Let Them Eat Cake, Thirteen reveals to Foreman her guilt about hating her mother when her mom was dying. They eventually wind up in a relationship, with Foreman moving into Thirteen's apartment. He also got her into the clinical trial for the Huntington's medication he was testing. However, when Foreman switched her from the placebo to the real clinical medicine (with disastrous results - Thirteen developed a brain tumor, which he and House managed to treat with radiation therapy), House realizes that Foreman was losing his objectivity. He ordered them to break up. However, Foreman convinced House they had done so while continuing to carry on their relationship.

However, it was obvious to everyone except the methadone-addled House that they were still together, and Lawrence Kutner finally outs them to the rest of the team. Foreman enjoys Thirteen's sexual nature, as is shown in House Divided at Chase's bachelor party when Thirteen is about to do body shots off a stripper: Wilson: Are you sure you're comfortable with this? Foreman: Are you kidding? I'd pay $50 to see this!

However, after Epic Fail, they didn't stay together. After Foreman claims House's job as head of the diagnostic department when House quits, tension begins to build between Thirteen and Foreman. Thirteen believes that he is letting his promotion go to his head; he scheduled a dinner reservation for 7:00 without asking her if that was alright. Also, he realizes that Thirteen isn't willing to challenge his conclusions because she is afraid it will affect their relationship. At the end of the episode, he fires her because he believes that the only way to preserve their relationship is for the two of them to not work together. This, however, leads Thirteen to end their relationship. She heads off to Thailand to think things over but soon returns to Princeton.

Thirteen Quotes

House M.D : Not Cancer (#5.2) (2008)

  • Dr. Gregory House: Brain's clean. Moving on.
  • Dr. Remy Hadley: To where? We've gone from making no sense to making less sense and then taking a step backward.

House M.D : Lucky Thirteen (#5.5) (2008)

  • Dr Gregory House: Thirteen, go stick a needle in your girlfriend's pelvis. And no, that one wasn't a metaphor. Suck out some marrow. That one was.
  • Thirteen: I can handle this alone.
  • Dr. Gregory House: You've already handled it. That's why you need a chaperone. Of course, I'm a very permissive, understanding chaperone. So feel free to ignore me. You know, if you're in the mood to start kissing, or groping, or showering.
  • Thirteen: You'll have to excuse Dr. House. He mistakes immaturity for edginess.

  • Thirteen: Rentinal vein occlusion was fixed. Her doctor said it was a venous anomaly.
  • Dr. Gregory House: Is he in this room? Because if he's not, I don't care what he thinks. Unless he's a she, and she was there last night too. In which case I care very deeply.

[Dr. House is trying to discover the motivations of Dr. Hadley's promiscuous & destructive behavior]

  • Dr. Gregory House: Why not men? You're bisexual. If you were just being self-destructive, you'd be having random sex with men. Better chances of getting assaulted, catching a disease. If this were just about getting laid, it'd be a lot easier to pick up men. Or ugly girls. But this woman's hot. Which means you like the challenge, the conquest. It's the control that gets you off. And controlling women is as close as you can get to controlling what's going to happen to you.
  • Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley: Here I thought I was just into boobs.
  • Spencer: How long do you have?
  • Thirteen: Maybe a little more than you. Maybe a little less. I'll race you.
  • Dr. Gregory House: This is not a test. You're not getting your job back. If you can...
  • Thirteen: I know what it's like to get this news. And no one should have to get it from you.

[Basically every episode]

  • Thirteen: Amyloidosis.



Originally, the only evidence of Thirteen's middle name was from a seemingly fake pay stub in the episode The Down Low. It was all part of an elaborate deception to convince Foreman he was the lowest paid of all the fellows. Taub was trying to mislead Foreman by saying he knew what Thirteen's middle name was and showed him the pay stub. It was unknown if the middle name's use may have been to deceive Foreman with a "red herring" by convincing him that the pay rate on the stub was too high to be Thirteen's and thus was a fake. It was confirmed by Olivia Wilde when she said it in an April 2011 Fox Video entitled "Fans Ask House M.D. Part 2": "Thirteen's middle name is Beauregard."


Noticeably in Mirror Mirror (sarcastically) and The Dig she indicates she hates it.

Production Notes

Along with fellow actors Peter Jacobson, Kal Penn, and Anne Dudek, Wilde did not know which character would be cut until the actors were given the scripts, which she thought improved the acting during the Games story arc. However, the story arc inspired a camaraderie spirit between the actors instead of competition due to the high-profile roles.

While Thirteen's name was originally intended to be revealed during the story arc, the production team decided against doing so. Thirteen's actual name was on all documents, including the call sheets, with the word "Thirteen" to further the in-joke in the show's narrative between House and Thirteen that he could check her file to find out her name. Wilde describes Thirteen as a "big bowl of secrets," one such being the possibility of the character having Huntington's disease, in stark comparison to her openness. Thirteen has often been compared with Allison Cameron, the previous female diagnostician, often negatively, even by Cameron's actor, Jennifer Morrison.

Wilde described Thirteen as "almost the opposite" to Cameron, who is "compassionate and emotional," and explained the comparisons to the similarity in the tasks that House delegates to both characters, and that "with two girls on a show, people are always going to compare them."

In Mirror Mirror, one of the betting slips being used to bet on which applicant will be fired lists her name, but it is not clear that the name refers to "Thirteen."

In House's Head, Cuddy calls Thirteen "Dr. Hadley"; however, House then comments that Cuddy doesn't even know her name. While it's possible that was not her name, it seems more likely that Hadley is her real name, and House was merely commenting on how Cuddy didn't call her "Thirteen" like House and his team does.

However, in Adverse Events, Thirteen tells a confused patient that she is, indeed, Dr. Hadley. The first time her first name is revealed is in the Season 5 episode, Emancipation, where she introduces herself as Doctor Remy Hadley to a patient's suspected family.


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