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Rodney Foreman is the father of Eric Foreman. He is portrayed by actor Charles S. Dutton.

Rodney first appeared in the episode Euphoria (Part 2) when he heard his son was suffering from a life-threatening illness. Because Rodney has a deep and abiding Christian faith, he did try to convince his son that his impending death would not be a terrible event. However, his son does not share his faith, a situation which caused Rodney more discomfort than his son's possible death. Rodney was also hurt by the fact that Eric appointed Dr. Cameron as his medical proxy instead of his father, as Eric feared that his father would be too agreeable to anything that House suggested.

Rodney's next appearance was in the episode House Training, where he brought Eric's mother, who suffers from dementia, into town to visit her son. It was revealed that Eric had not visited home in the past eight years.

Rodney has another son, Eric's brother Marcus, who is currently incarcerated for a serious crime.

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