Ronald Neuberger was the widower of Laura Neuberger, the potential heart transplant donor in Sex Kills. He was portrayed by actor Greg Grunberg.

Gregory House learns that Laura was in a serious car accident and was not expected to survive. He approached Ronald to determine if she had any conditions that might disqualify her from being a donor. However, as he was talking to Ronald, the transplant co-ordinator came to see him to tell him that his wife's organs would be treated with dignity. Unfortunately, the co-ordinator thought that House had told Ronald of his wife's death and this is how Ronald learned she was dead. House said he didn't know she was dead either and said the reason he asked was that he needed his wife's heart for his patient.

Soon after, House learned the transplant team had rejected Laura's heart because she was running a fever that day. He realized if he could diagnose Laura, he could still transplant the heart and, because the procedure would be experimental, a failed transplant wouldn't affect the hospital's statistics. He went to stop Ronald from turning off life support, but Ronald said his wife didn't want to live on life support.

House and Ronald went to Lisa Cuddy to argue the point. Cuddy said it was entirely Ronald's choice. House tried to argue that the wife was alread brain dead and wouldn't be in pain. However, Ronald was also angry that House had misled him when they first met. He turned House down. However, as he was leaving, he ran into Amy Errington, who thanked him for agreeing to the transplant. He had a change of heart and agreed to let them diagnose Laura. He even helped with the environmental scan, but found out his wife was on diet pills and was dying her hair.

However, House's initial ideas bore no fruit and he wanted to give up. However, Ronald wouldn't let him.

Finally, they determined Laura had gonorrhea and were able to treat it and do the transplant. Ronald was relieved, but House realized he had to be told about it so he could get treated. However, when Allison Cameron approached him, Ronald admitted to cheating on Laura and that he had contracted gonorrhea. He was afraid he had passed it on to Laura and that's why she was sick - he was ashamed to tell the doctors about it, although he realized he should have.

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