Name Ronnie
Occupation Insurance company investigator
Actor Andrea Gabriel
First Appearance Ignorance is Bliss

Ronnie was a clinic patient in the episode Ignorance is Bliss. She was portrayed by actress Andrea Gabriel.

Ronnie is seen by House and she starts complaining about symptoms that are prosaic and non-specific. She also starts asking House a lot of questions. House finds a list of those questions in her purse (while looking for gum) and confronts her about working for insurance companies to check up on the hospital. She denies it, but House has a very good case, such as the fact her chart has perfectly readable handwriting even though it was supposed to have been written by a doctor.

House makes a deal with Ronnie that she will take a $20 bribe to act as if House has been nice during the examination. House is trying to impress Cuddy. However, when Ronnie keeps up her end of the deal, House realizes Cuddy isn't in her office next to the clinic. While he inquires as to Cuddy's whereabouts, Ronnie slips out with House's money.

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