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Ruby was a minor character on House with appearances in the last two seasons of the series. She began as a CNA at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. After attracting the attention of Chris Taub towards the end of his marriage with Rachel, they begin to see each other. This leads to an accidentally pregnancy and eventually the birth of Taub and Ruby's daughter Sophie Taub.

She was portrayed by actress Zena Grey.

The Series[]

The Dig

While Taub is doing an environmental scan, he tells Foreman that the reason he didn't watch the game with him the previous night was that he was dating Ruby, the "hot redheaded CNA". Foreman is suitably impressed, as is Chase when Foreman tells him. Foreman decides to ask Ruby why she's interested in Taub (who is literally twice her age), but when she gets worried that there might be something wrong with Taub, he reassures her that Taub is a great guy, but is surprised to find out that Taub cancelled his date with her that night. Foreman deliberately goes home early from the gym to find out who Taub is dating instead of a hot 23 year old and finds Taub fooling around with his ex-wife Rachel Taub.

After Hours

However, things get more complicated when Ruby announces that she is pregnant. After spending the evening at a strip club and nearly getting shot at by one of the strippers, Taub has a revelation and decides he wants to embrace fatherhood and comes back to tell Ruby he wants her to have the baby.

Moving On

We see Taub happily doing pre-natal scans on Ruby and dodging calls from Rachel. Foreman tells Taub to tell Rachel about Ruby, but Taub is afraid Rachel is going to hate him. However, things get even more complicated when Rachel corners him at the hospital and announces she's pregnant too.


Ruby becomes angry when she learns about Rachel's pregnancy and, although she agrees to have the child, she doesn't want to have a further relationship with Taub. She wants to name the child Sophie despite the fact that Taub's other child is named Sophia, and Taub concedes because he didn't feel he was in a position to argue. She has to quit her job at the hospital as it doesn't pay enough to cover the child care for Sophie. She still has a lot of anger at Taub until one night, when she came back to pick up Sophie after Taub's visitation, he agreed to let her sleep in his guest room while he took care of Sophie that night.

Everybody Dies

Both Rachel and Ruby are seen enjoying dinner with Taub and the daughters. They were able to come to an agreement with Taub.

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