Name Ruwe
Actor Garikayi Mutambirwa
First Appearance The Tyrant

Ruwe was a character in the Season 6 episode The Tyrant. He was portrayed by actor Garikayi Mutambirwa.

Ruwe came to the clinic and lied about symptoms. He was seen by Robert Chase. Ruwe knew Chase was treating President Dibala and begged him not to let him live. He told Chase that a gang that supported Dibala had raped his wife. Chase told Ruwe there was nothing he could do and left the room.

However, at a later time, Chase was leaving Dibala's room when he passed someone who appeared to be an orderly. After a moment, he recognized it was Ruwe and he sounded the alarm to Dibala's bodyguard. The bodyguard managed to subdue Ruwe, who did manage to get off one harmless shot that hurt no-one. However, Ruwe was badly hurt in the encounter.

Chase went to see Ruwe to see why he would try something so stupid. Ruwe told Chase that Dibala had to die for the good of his people. He then told Chase he had lied to him - Ruwe had actually been a part of Dibala's gang and was the one who had actually raped a woman. He couldn't live with the guilt of the incident and later came to hate Dibala for how he manipulated the young people in the gangs.

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