Samira Terzi
Name Samira Terzi
Age 41
Occupation Physician, Diagnostic Medicine
Actor Michael Michele
First Appearance Whatever It Takes
Last Appearance Ugly

Samira Terzi is a doctor whom House hired in Whatever It Takes and fired in Ugly. Her firing managed to allow Chris Taub to remain for another week and eventually win a fellowship.

House met Samira when she was working at the CIA and he was enlisted to assist with the case of a covert CIA operative. Although she made it clear she wasn't interested in House, House continued to pursue her during the case and Samira generally backed House every step of the way even though he was wrong until the very end. He eventually offered her a job, but she turned him down flat because she had heard what his previous team had gone through. However, by the end of the episode, she was at Princeton-Plainsboro taking up House on his job offer.

Her arrival left the rest of the applicants in a quandary, feeling there would only be room for one of them with Foreman and Samira on board. However, whenever Samira gave a diagnostic suggestion, House would like it, but Foreman would quickly shoot it down and House would realize Foreman was right. House finally figured out that his attraction to her was affecting his judgment about her medical skills, which appeared to be sub-standard despite her experience with diagnostic medicine. By the end of the episode Ugly, House realized he had judged her unfairly because of her looks, fired her, then asked her on a date. However, Samira merely left.

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