Sandy (wife)
Name Sandy
Marital Status Married to Monroe
Actor Kathe E. Mazur
First Appearance Parents

This article is about the wife of Monroe, a clinic patient. For James Wilson's assistant, see Sandy (assistant).

Sandy is the wife of Monroe, the clinic patient convinced he has diabetes mellitus in the Season 8 episode Parents. She was portrayed by actress Kathe E. Mazur.

After Monroe twice tries to convince Gregory House that he has diabetes, Sandy comes to see House to beg that he give her a fake prescription for insulin. Monroe is insisting on a diabetic diet which she finds impossible to eat. She plans on injecting him with water, then revealing the deception to convince him he's being a hypochondriac. However, House is not willing to get involved, but reminds her she doesn't need a real doctor for a fake prescription.

However, after remembering Monroe's ankles were swollen, he calls them both back to the clinic. Sandy is hoping he will lie and tell Monroe he's fine, but instead House asks if Monroe has been eating a lot of bok choy. When she confirms he has, House tests his pulse and confirms he has bradycardia. The bok choy has induced hypothyroidism and all he has to do to feel better is start eating a normal diet.

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