Name Dr. Schisgal
Occupation Physician
Actor John Lafayette
First Appearance The Mistake
Dr. Schisgal was the head of the hospital's discipline panel in The Mistake. He was portrayed by actor John Lafayette.

Dr. Schisgal handed down Chase's penalty of a one-week suspension due to his inattention in dealing with Kayla McGinley. The panel took into account that the incident took place immediately after Chase found out about his father's death.

However, since House was the attending on the case, the panel was not impressed that House had no contact with the patient and, when he met the patient, also met her brother, which led him to the right diagnosis. House tried to defend himself by noting he couldn't meet every member of a patient's family, but Dr. Schisgal was unimpressed. He ordered that House be supervised by another physician for a month.

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