Sean Randolph
Name Sean Randolph
Marital Status Married to Naomi Randolph
Actor Michael Goorjian
First Appearance Babies & Bathwater

Sean Randolph was the husband of Naomi Randolph, the patient in the Season 1 episode Babies & Bathwater. He was portrayed by actor Michael A. Goorjian.

A pregnant Naomi was driving a drunk Sean home when they were stopped by police because Naomi was driving erratically. When Naomi collapsed, Sean insisted on caring for her and ignored the police officer.

They eventually found out Naomi had small cell lung cancer and they had to give her chemotherapy right away. This meant delivering the baby by Cesarean section before term. It had a very good chance of survival, but Naomi insisted on waiting another two weeks until it's chances were better. Sean was confused and insisted she needed treatment right away. He didn't seem to care about the risk that there could be complications with a premature birth.

House reviewed Naomi's medical history and realized she had probably been pregnant before. He confronted her and realized her fear of delivering the baby prematurely was due to her previous infant dying young because of infantile Alexander's disease. He finally talked her in to having the Cesarean.

However, when Edward Vogler found out House was trying to sneak Naomi into a drug trial immediately after surgery, he had the surgery canceled. House's team was discussing a new strategy with Naomi when she crashed and had to be rushed to the operating room to attempt to stem bleeding.

During the procedure, House realized Naomi was bleeding internally and would not survive the procedure. He rushed out, realizing he would have to get Sean to consent to an immediate Cesarean even though it would result in Naomi's immediate death. He explained to him calmly and firmly that Naomi would die in any event and that this was the only way to save the child, which is what Naomi wanted. Sean nodded his consent and House ordered his team to proceed to deliver the baby. The baby was healthy and had an excellent chance of survival, but Naomi died as predicted.

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