Name Sharon
Marital Status Single
Occupation Pharmaceutical representative
Actor Salli Richardson-Whitfield
First Appearance Sports Medicine

Sharon is a pharmaceutical rep who becomes Eric Foreman's first girlfriend during Season 1. She was portrayed by actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

Sharon is first seen in Eric's apartment first thing in the morning. They have clearly spent the night together and hurriedly arrange a date that evening as they both rush off to work. After Sharon leaves, Foreman finds she appears to have deliberately left her panties behind for him.

Because of Sharon, Foreman is late for work. He makes an excuse that his car broke down, but House doesn't buy it because he's only a little late and a car breakdown would have made him very late. House soon figures out that Eric was with someone.

Cameron invites Eric for drinks after work, but he makes an excuse that he's meeting with a pharmaceutical rep. He lets Cameron believe it's the same middle aged guy who makes bad jokes that usually hangs around them and Cameron decides not to join them.

However, later, the whole team shows up to meet Sharon, including House himself. House soon figures that Sharon is having a relationship with Foreman. He warns Foreman that Sharon isn't really interested in him - she's only using Foreman to get at House himself. Foreman tries to laugh off the suggestion, but after it's planted he distances himself from Sharon.

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