Sidney was the son of Maurice, the centenarian clinic patient in the Season 7 episode Selfish. He was portrayed by actor Allan Rich.

Maurice came to the clinic complaining of general fatigue, which Gregory House put down to his advanced age. However, Sidney said that his father was still very strong and the fatigue was not typical. He insisted Dr. House perform a battery of tests.

However, he later caught up to Dr. House and offered him $20 to say that his father had to be put into a home. He did not want to confront his father about this and hoped the test results would convince his father. However, House held out for $40.

Unbeknownst to Sidney, Maurice was tired of living with his son and wanted to live in a home too. He offered House $100 to say that he needed to be in a nursing home too.

House came back with the "test results" and announced that Maurice needed around the clock care. Both men pretended to be surprised and upset, but Sidney let it slip that Maurice also had trouble telling the difference between hot and cold. This new symptom pointed to zinc poisoning and, sure enough, Maurice was using a tube a day to keep his aging dentures in place. He just needed a new set. House gave them back their money and told them they had to talk.

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