Sophia Taub
Name Sophia Taub
Age Newborn
Date of Birth 2011
First Appearance The Confession
Last Appearance Everybody Dies

Sophia Taub is the daughter of Chris Taub and Rachel Taub. Her half sister is Sophie Taub.

Sophia is first seen in the episode The Confession when Taub can't find child care for his kids when House calls him back to work. He has to take both kids along on an environmental scan.

In Parents, Rachel and her new boyfriend Phil ask Taub to let them take Sophia to Portland. After fighting with House over the idea, Taub finally refuses.

In Runaways, Taub admits he finds his daughters boring when he has to take care of them. He gets more upset when Chase drops by and immediately bonds with them. However, he and his daughters soon bond when they both learn that they enjoy making fun of NFL Quarterbacks.

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