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"Wilson" to Andrew Borba
Andrew Fiscella to Ben Reed
Ben Shields to Caesarean section
Cafeteria to Claire Rankin
Clamp to Danny Wilson
Dara Sidas to Dr. Mark Andrews
Dr. Marty Kaufman to Essence Atkins
Esteban to Giovannini Mirror Syndrome
Girl to Honeymoon
Hoover to It's a Wonderful Lie
Italia Ricci to Kaiser-Fleischer rings
Kaiser-Fleisher rings to Lindsay Johnston
Lindsay Zappala to Meat Loaf
Mebendazole to Mute
My name jeff to Opthamology
Optic nerve to Piriformis syndrome
Pituitary to Renaissance Faire Actor
Renaissance Faire Actor Two to Season 3 on DVD
Season 4 to Stem cells
Stenosis to Thyroid hormones
Thyroid storm to Vincristine
Vindesine to Инновационная маска для подтяжки лица
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