Stephen Colbert with his Fantasies Board, which includes a Weekend with Dr. House for a golf outing.

Comedian Stephen Tyrone Colbert has frequently mentioned Dr. Gregory House on his Comedy Central television show The Colbert Report. Early in the show's run, he placed a framed picture of Dr. House on his "Shelves of Honor", amongst other items such as Captain America's shield and the Fox News Channel's microwave. Colbert reasoned that Dr. House was a rebel, a man who played the game by his own rules, kind of like Colbert and a certain Commander-In-Chief.

Since that episode, Colbert has frequently mentioned House MD, most recently in an interview with renowned author and physician Dr. Andrew Weil, stating, "that's alternative medicine, because he plays by his own rules." Colbert also placed at the top of his "Fantasies Board", a collection of things to-do before he dies, A Weekend with Dr. House.

Colbert also often refers to the show's star, Hugh Laurie, as one of the finest ever American actors, seemingly unaware of the fact that Laurie is a British actor putting on an American accent.

A picture of Stephen Colbert was placed on the office's trophy table from Season 5 onwards.In Open and Shut, the picture is magnified which can be seen from the trophy table. In Love is Blind, House hides behind the picture of Colbert when avoiding his mother.

Hugh Laurie and Stephen Colbert both did voice work on the movie Monsters vs. Aliens

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