Steve Alcartine, who prefers to be referred to as Freedom Master is a psychiatric patient in Ward 6 who is suffering from delusions that he is a super hero, most likely due to post-traumatic stress syndrome. It is implied that he lost his wife in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City. He is portrayed by actor Derek Richardson in the episode Broken. He is admitted after Gregory House arrives at Ward 6.

When Steve is admitted, he seems well adjusted apart from the fact that he claims he has super powers that only come to the fore when people are in danger. However, Dr. Medina eventually challenges Steve about his super powers, telling him they are a delusion and his wife (who he has sworn to protect) is actually dead. In response, Steve becomes agitated and tries to break into the secure room in the Ward.

Dr. House is appalled by what he sees as Dr. Medina's poor handling of Steve's case. When he finds that Steve is not at Susan's re-birthing party, he seeks him out and finds he is nearly catatonic. Alvie warns House that he can't misbehave without risking a longer stay, House stays silent until House finds out that Dr. Nolan has discovered his deception and plans on keeping him longer.

With the help of Lydia's car, House takes Steve to an amusement park where they go on a ride that simulates a parachute free fall. Steve seems better, but right afterwards he becomes convinced he can fly and deliberately jumps off a second floor parking deck, suffering severe injuries. Dr. Nolan admonishes House for interfering, telling him that it's always dangerous to feed a patient's delusions, particularly where the patient isn't in a safe environment.

Steve once again becomes unresponsive, until Dr. House figures out that the reason he was trying to break into the locked room was to recover a music box. He figures that Steve believes the music box has magical powers. He convinces the staff to let Steve have it, believing it will bring him out of his depression. However, it does not seem to have that effect.

Later, House apologizes to Steve for almost getting him killed. As he's taking Steve to get his medication, they pass Silent Girl. Steve offers the music box to her, and she takes it and opens it. She says "thank you" to him, the first words she has said in ten years. He replies "you're welcome", the first time he has spoken since his fall.

As House leaves Ward 6, Steve stays behind for more treatment.

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