Steve Howard
Name Steve Howard
Marital Status Dating Honey
Actor Tracy Howe
First Appearance Resignation

Steve Howard was a clinic patient in the Season 3 episode Resignation. He was portrayed by actor Tracy Howe.

Steve was brought to the clinic by his hot girlfriend Honey, a nutritionist. She was concerned that Steve's stool had started to float. They were seen by Gregory House. Steve described Honey's concerns and how he had moved to a vegan lifestyle based on her advice. Dr. House had suspicions about the floating stool and promised to do blood tests.

A few hours later, Dr. House returned and told the couple that Steve's blood tests showed that he had been cheating. Honey figured he had been seeing other women, but she said she understood because Steve was funny and attractive. However, Dr. House told him that wasn't it - Steve had clear indications in his blood work that he had been eating beef and dairy products - the fat caused his stool to start floating. Honey was truly upset now and when she confronted Steve, he shot back that he only had one cheeseburger and he couldn't help it because everything he had to eat on his vegan diet tasted like cardboard. They got into an argument and broke up as Dr. House left the room.

Vegans - House M.D

Vegans - House M.D.

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