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Exposure to ultraviolet radiation


Red skin that feels warm to touch, dizziness, fatigue

Mortality Rate



Lotion, analgesics

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Sunburn is a skin condition caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, typically sunlight. It presents with reddened skin that feels warm when touched, together with dizziness and fatigue. It can be life threatening in severe cases, and long term exposure can lead to skin cancer. It can affect persons of any skin color, but tends to be more common in people with lighter skin.

Prevention of the condition is the best defence. In sunny climes, including snow with bright sunlight, clothing over the entire body is recommended, including a hat with a wide brim. Sunscreen is also effective. Moreover, exposure to sunlight over time will create melanin, a skin pigment which can safely absorb ultraviolet. As a rule, 15 minutes of exposure the first day followed by 30 the next and an hour the following day will usually allow tanning without burning.

Sunburn will resolve itself without treatment in about two weeks. Lotions containing aloe vera can help with the burning sensation. Severe cases can be treated with a steroid cream. Analgesics, particularly ibuprofen, can help relieve the pain.

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