Which Episode? Edit

I removed the reference to Distractions from the article because after watching it through, House doesn't even step foot in the clinic. The timing is right (it's mid-S2 when he gives away the GBA), but it isn't the correct episode. Hopefully someone else remembers when it is. Trickyar 07:59, October 31, 2009 (UTC)

The game House was playing in Season 1 was Metroid: Zero Mission with bits of Metroid Fusion mixed in. There was never any Metroid Prime: Hunters seen on this show.

They also didn't do the research on Metroid in its appearance, either. There are no "space bunnies" in any Metroid game, nor is there any "level 4" in Metroid games, as they are fiercely non-linear, going to and from various areas of the same game.

Finally, Samus going into a morph ball mode in the hands of a Chozo statue is not a failure state, but a Very Good Thing in Metroid, as it can have various effects, such as unlocking new areas or giving Samus health, ammo, or upgrades.

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