I was just wondering shouldn't it be changed in the info about Moriarty. The whole story about wife, suicide and all that... he says that his wife was House's patient in House's hallucination.

Out of hallucination this was his role:

entering office:

JM: Which one of you is Dr. House? (which means that he never spoke with him, or met him personally)

GH: Skinny brunette.

JM: No. It's Dr. Cameron.

GH: I'm skinny. How do you know her name?

JM: I was a patient of yours. (and that is the only info he is giving about himself)

GH: Oh, well... If you want to leave chocolates, it's downstairs. *shoot*

JM: STAY! Stay away from him. Shocking, isn't it? Who would want to hurt you? *shoot*

And that was all of him.

Cameron says in the first next episode (3.1): "We heard they never found the guy. There's no new leads?"

Therefore the story about his wife was House's hallucination only. I just think that the article should be... let's say adjusted.

But I am new, not registered, plus English is a foreign language for me. -- 17:12, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

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