While Princeton does have many wealthy residents, there are also poorer sections of town with many recent immigrants and long-term residents - within blocks of the actual Princeton Hospital.

Geographical issues Edit

Princeton Hospital, the only hospital in town at the time of this show, was torn down after the contruction of a real Princeton-Plainsboro hospital, which opened several years after the show ended with Hugh Laurie cutting the ribbon. It was not a teaching hospital as Princeton University does not have a medical school. However, it recently became attached to Penn University Medical. I'm not sure of its official name, but it is a princeton-plainsboro teaching hospital, which I find highly amusing. The "hospital," seen in the flyover shots between scenes, is actually Princeton University's student center Frick, which is not located on the street the hospital is meant to be on (Prospect). However, it is very close by, the street is visible from certain angles in the flyover shots. The Princeton-Plainsboro hospital is about a mile from the town proper of Princeton, Prospect Street is two blocks from the center of town. 00:53, May 28, 2018 (UTC)A Princeton Native who watches the show when she wants a flyover shot of home.

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