Name Taylor
Marital Status Living with Frankie
Actor Adam Rothenberg
First Appearance Private Lives
Taylor was the boyfriend of Frankie, the blogger patient in the Season 6 episode Private Lives.

The episode starts with Taylor arguing with Frankie about blogging details of his life.  This draws the attention of their neighbor Stuart who sees Frankie's bruises and thinks Taylor has hit her.  

Taylor follows Frankie to the hospital.  When it turns out Frankie needs a new heart valve, one of her choices, an artificial valve that will last for decades, will mean that she will have to be on blood thinners that cause birth defects and she would be unable to have children with Taylor.  However, the alternative, a pig valve, goes against Frankie's vegetarianism and would have to be replaced.  When Frankie expresses a preference for the artificial valve, Taylor gets angry.

However, when Frankie recovers, she wants to have children again and agrees to the pig valve.

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