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Thomas Dekker, courtesy Rach, via Wikipedia Commons

Thomas Dekker is an American actor and musician, probably best known for his role as John Connor in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. On House, M.D., he portrayed faith-healer Boyd in the Season 2 episode House vs. God.

Dekker has been working regularly as an actor since he was six years old and appeared in one episode of the soap opera The Young and the Restless. At eight, he appeared on two episodes of Star Trek: Voyager as a character in the holodeck version of Jane Eyre. When he was ten, he landed the role of Nick Szalinski on Honey I Shrunk The Kids: The TV Show. He has also appeared on twelve episodes of Heroes and ten episodes of IQ-145.

He has clearly not slowed down with age and is scheduled to appear in five productions in 2011 and another two in 2012.

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