Tietze syndrome



Usually physical strain or minor injury


Sharp pain in chest that gets worse with breathing, tenderness of the affected cartilage

Mortality Rate




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Tietze syndrome is a non-life threatening inflammation of one or more of the cartilage connections in the ribcage. It manifests with acute pain in the chest accompanied by swelling of the affected cartilage which can be palpitated during a physical examination.

Although the condition can be very painful and even debilitating, is almost always resolves itself within 12 weeks of onset of the symptoms. Although it is not life threatening, because the symptoms resemble a heart attack, it can often result in an anxiety attack. Unfortunately, because the symptoms cannot be immediately differentiated without a physical examination, a myocardial infarction can be mistaken for Tietze as well. In any event, myocardial infarction must be ruled out before the condition can be diagnosed.

The exact cause of Tietze is not well understood, although it is usually associated with strain of the chest associated with extreme coughing, sneezing or vomiting.

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