Name Transvestite
First Appearance Euphoria (Part 1)

Transvestites are episodic characters portrayed by different actors.

Just to stick with the medicine: it is not clear from the play itself whether the character is transvestite or transsexual.

From the medicine's perspective: transvestism (ICD 10 F64.1, F65.1) not to be confused with transsexualism (ICD 10 F64.0).

Appearance Edit

  • In Euphoria (part 1) - portrayed by Calvin King - just a few seconds of a silent character sitting in a police station Vlcsnap-2018-04-14-13h08m13s634
  • In Knight Fall - portrayed by Carey Embry - talking character called "Sarah" with appearance less than 30 seconds, talking very guy male voice and manners, admitting proudly former job in a strip club in Bloomington. Vlcsnap-2018-04-14-13h17m13s115
  • In House Divided - a person walking thru the corridor. Dead Amber distracts House by saying "Shemale?" We don't know if this person should be really a shemale.
    Shemale-house divided
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