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I'm Allison Stillwell, a 25-year-old registered nurse practising research oncology in Nashville, Tennessee. I have an obsession with public health, tropical medicine and oncology.

I speak varying degrees of French, Japanese, American Sign Language (ASL) and a West African tribal language called Ewe. Why a tribal language? During the summer, I work at a small school for mentally challenged students in Hohoe, Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa as their school nurse and a teacher's aide.

Personal medicine[]

On the medical side of all of this, Isuffer from coeliac disease for which there is no instant cure but only the institution of a gluten-free diet. My blood pressure at last check was 110/80, my vision 20/13 and my last blood test was for immunity against measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis and varicella (chicken pox) -- all titres came back showing that, yes, I am indeed immune to all. I recently had a double tuberculosis test that came back negative also. All in all, I'm pretty healthy. I have also been given vaccinations against yellow fever, rabies and typhoid. The rabies serum is bright magenta, and it is currently given in three doses spaced over about a month. It is given in the arm now, not the stomach. I have had malaria, and I very much assure you that it sucks heartily.

I do not, however, have a botfly anywhere because I'm smart enough to iron my clothes after they come down from the line at my house in Ghana. Suck that, flies.


I've started (or heavily edited) many pages here so far!

I also spend a lot of time going through the wanted articles pages to find places that need redirects or to fix misspellings. I do a lot of little edits to sort of Wikify the place a little more and then do large edits to either fix or add to the information here — I'll probably end up getting complained to a lot, but I'm willing to deal with it.