About meEdit

I'm Andrew. As well as being a editor on here, I am an Administrator
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and bureaucrat at The Charmed Wiki. I've only started watching House, on Tuesday, 25th of January 2011, So I might not know everything about it yet, but soon will hopefully. I currently only have Season 1 on DVD. So far, my favorite characters on the show are Robert Chase and Allison Cameron. You can either find me here at my talk page or at my Talk Page on the Charmed Wiki, here. I'm a friendly kind of guy, so if you just want a chat, leave me a message and I'll probably reply to you as soon as possible. Anyways, since House is about Doctors and diseases etc, I'm going to explain what I have. I have/had Depression, Anxiety, an Iron deficiency, Eczema and I'm also allergic to Penicillin
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