House Wiki

Sorry for a topic that's getting obnoxious these days, but...

  1. We learn in Adverse Events that House was a male cheerleader.

    Male cheerleader at Hopkins

    Male to Female transsexuals tend as youngsters to try roles that are characteristic for their desired gender.
  2. House spends a lot of time with extremely masculine funs like monster trucks, poker, whores, potato gun. This is a well-known way of self-supressing subject's transsexuality.
  3. House makes fun of Cuddy. While this may be interpreted as a reference for Cindy McCauliff, isn't it just a projection of his desires? "Venus Envy"?
  4. House gets easily distracted by judging if another person is a shemale instead of trying to think (House Divided). This isn't something that would even come to a cissexual person's mind in 2009.
  5. He can also easily find another transsexual for escort. Would that be really so easy?
  6. His tendency to keep people away from his feelings, hiding often his soul with a cynism, can be effect of well controlled behaviour allowing him to live in a stealth.
  7. Same for Vicodin . Why does actually House abuse its usage? To keep himself away from gender dysphoria?
  8. Could the infarction of his leg be caused by a clot induced by high dosages of secretly administered Estradiol?
  9. He might be really "pure" transsexual, not a transvestite, crossdresser or drag queen as nothing indicates police found any women's clothing in his home during search (Que Será Será).

Just a pure speculation and please don't take it too seriously.