Walter Cofield, MD, was the doctor assigned by Eric Foreman to investigate the incident involving the injury of Robert Chase in the Season 8 episode Nobody's Fault. He was portrayed by actor Jeffrey Wright.

Cofield was the Chief of Neurology at New York Mercy Hospital, but when Foreman was a doctor in training, he was the head of the residency program at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Foreman hand-picked him hoping Cofield would give Gregory House the benefit of the doubt, which would most likely preserve Foreman's job as Dean of Medicine.

Hoewever, Cofield was appalled by House's methods, his treatment of his fellows, and House's whole attitude towards the investigation. After speaking to everyone involved, he came to the conclusion that House had to be suspended, which would result in House going back to prison and Foreman being fired. However, just before he ruled, Emily Koppelman came in to tell them that House had correctly diagnosed the patient who had injured Chase. Cofield reversed course and declared the accident was "Nobody's Fault". He was about to leave when House called him a coward for not going with his original decision.

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