Woman at Fundraiser
Name Woman at Fundraiser
Actor Kim Rhodes
First Appearance Broken

Woman at Fundraiser is the woman that House and Lydia decided to have fun with at the fundraiser in the Season 6 episode Broken. She was portrayed by actress Kim Rhodes.

House had been ordered by Dr. Nolan to mingle but soon became bored. However, he livened up when he found Lydia, one of the frequent visitors to Ward 6, at the party as well. They decided to team up to tease the rest of the guests.

House approached the woman and made a clumsy pass at her, then told her to say that they were talking about her allergies. Lydia approached acting like House's wife and confronted the woman. The woman claimed that she had asked House if there were any nuts in the food. Lydia demanded to see her Epipen, claiming no person with a real nut allergy would leave home without one. The woman then told Lydia that she was the one who had been hitting on House. Lydia told House they were leaving and as they did, House shot the woman a thankful look.

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