Xang is the paternal grandfather of Lue, the patient in the Season 8 episode Body and Soul. He was portrayed by actor George Cheung.

When Taub and Park return from the patient's house, they report to the patient's mother Lida that they found a slaughtered pig in Lue's room. She immediately confronts Xang, who admits that he is responsible, but that he did it after Lue left for the hospital. He told the doctors he believed his son and Lue were both possessed by demons, and that the reason Lue didn't get better is because he didn't perform the ritual in the hospital.

When Lue blurts out something, Xang identifies it as a phrase in Hmong, which Lue doesn't know. However, House is skeptical, believing Xang just heard gibberish and identified it as Hmong because it was what he wanted to hear.

However, as Lue gets worse, Lida finally lets Xang perform a ceremony in the hospital room. House objects, but Foreman overrules him.

When House figures out Lue may have patent ductus arteriosus, he refuses to allow his fellows to treat Lue even though the treatment is simply a form of ibuprofen. However, Adams disobeys him and administers the ibuprofen. Lue recovers and, as House guessed, the mother believes it was Xang and not the medication.

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