Zachary Taylor was the young male student who was sharing a detention bench with Gregory House in the Season 7 episode Two Stories. He was portrayed by actor Austin Michael Coleman.

Zachary liked fellow student Colleen and set out to get her to kiss him as he had a feeling she liked him as well. However, he knew if he just asked her and she did, her friends would call her a "slut", so he tried to set up a situation where she would be "forced" to kiss him.

However, things did not go exactly his way. He plotted to beat Colleen at rope jumping by bribing a fellow student to deliberately hit her leg. Colleen had confidence in her rope jumping ability and figured she couldn't lose and accepted the bet. When she lost, she got angry at Zachary and intimated he wouldn't kiss him if "I had brain cancer and your lips were the cure". He also accidentally had hit her in the eye with a floor hockey puck, giving her a bad bruise.

In addition, when Colleen showed up to pay off the bet, he realized he couldn't go through with it knowing he had cheated. However, he later sent her a note asking her to meet him in private. When they did and were about to kiss, they were caught by Ms. Washburn and were sent to the principal's office.

When they arrived, they were confused when they saw House there. They both started telling their stories about why they were there and the trouble they were having in their relationships. Zachary explained his plan to House and Colleen, and said that although Colleen seemed bossy, she wasn't mean at all.

It is unknown what happens to Zach and Colleen afterwards, but it is possible that they will continue to have their relationship in the future.

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